What to do if your back hurts during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when you should be careful about your health.

It's time to devote time special attention to your back. After all, she is most vulnerable during pregnancy. Listen to the following tips.

Don't gain weight

Excess weight is ballast, which complicates the work of both the body in particular, and the back in particular. For this, it is worth watching the diet. Limit your carbohydrate intake. Also add calcium-rich foods.


Prefer shoes on a low run. And you only need to put it on while sitting.


You should be comfortable sleeping. Try to find a position that is comfortable for you. Most often it is a side. And the dream itself should last at least 8-9 hours. Change your body position frequently. Long standing, sitting, and lying down can trigger back pain.


Do not bend over when cleaning. The mop, vacuum cleaner and broom should be long-handled.

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