4 questions all parents ask about intestinal parasites

What is the risk of the appearance of parasites?

Helminths can represent for human both minimal and significant danger, it all depends on the species, region of habitation and even climatic conditions.

For example, ascariasis is quite common; in severe form, it provokes headaches, coughing, and asthma attacks in a child.

How to protect your child from parasites?

Children are most often susceptible to this type of disease due to the fact that they rarely adhere to the rules of hygiene. To protect your baby from worms and other parasites, teach him to wash his hands every time after the street, after using the toilet and before eating.

4 questions all parents ask about intestinal parasites / istockphoto.com

It is also important to cut your child's nails in a timely manner, give him high-quality water, and vegetables and fruits be sure to wash before use.

What symptoms should alert parents?

Most often, the clinical picture is as follows: the child complains of general malaise, the temperature constantly and for no apparent reason rises to 37, 9 degrees; muscle pain and weight loss occur.

In some cases, the lymph nodes react to the presence of parasites, a rash and allergic reactions on the body appear.

How to get tested for parasites?

Medicine offers several options for diagnosing a child at once, for example, you can take a blood test, and feces are also analyzed. Your family doctor will advise you on the best method according to your child's complaints.

4 questions all parents ask about intestinal parasites / istockphoto.com


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