Chic haircuts for ladies over 60

It can be extremely difficult to find a haircut that suits all your preferences and at the same time allows you to look younger than your age. The stylists tried to find the most attractive options for women over 60.

Chic haircuts for ladies over 60

Ash short ragged haircut

If you want the right layering and chic shape. It is worth considering that owners of a round face may need a higher hairstyle.

Chic haircuts for ladies over 60

Bob is brown with bangs

To divert attention away from wrinkles, use a slightly tousled and attractive haircut that will do just fine.

Ash curls paired with a pixie bob

If you want to create a chic, light, graceful and romantic look, then a haircut with curls is perfect.

Bob classic

If you have predominantly gray hair, then either tone it up or make it light brown or dark blond and it will look gorgeous.

Voluminous hairstyle combined with straight bangs

It is worth choosing a haircut with a twist and you will get an easy, fun and stylish look.

Pixie layered ash shade

A universal option that will suit the owner of any type of face.

Ultra short pixie

Choosing such a haircut, you will save yourself from the need to dye your hair and at the same time you will look your best.

Layered haircut

An option that will allow you to stay in fashion no matter how old you are.

Smooth bob

If you want a sloppy haircut that does not require much attention, then a straight bob is what suits you perfectly.

Wavy bob

With this option, both natural color and gray hair look great, if you want something original, then just dye your hair.

Short bob combined with bangs

Layering in combination with dark chestnut will look gorgeous.

Contoured curls

Curls combined with a bob look cool and are considered the best option for women over 60.


This option is ideal for owners of thick hair, which will make her look simply irresistible.

Bob on wavy hair

For owners of naturally wavy hair, this haircut is best suited and eliminates the need to constantly straighten it.

We are sure that you will definitely find yourself the option that is ideal for you, and if you are not are completely sure, then be sure to consult with your master and he will help you decide on choice.

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