Karting for children in Ukraine: the address where you can and learn, and go

Karting gaining considerable popularity and as entertainment, and how separate kind of sport. In large cities, open kartodromyWhere you can get a dose of adrenaline, relieve stress and just fine to spend time.

If you and your family - an active holiday, you will definitely like the idea of ​​this entertainment. Moreover, a qualified coach will help your child without problems learn the basics of driving, The young driver will experience for yourself what the control vehicle speed, the excitement, but at the same time, will be safe.


There is a go-kart racing (more powerful machines, manual transmission, a reference to participate in professional racing) and rolling. To understand how such a hobby you like, give preference is the second option. Well, if the child will like - you can always write it in the section, the main thing, aboutrientirovatsya age and ability in choosing the sport.

Rolling carting available to almost everyone - the machine is not equipped with CAT and manage them easily. Maps, as well as the route to be safer than in the sports form. They are stronger than the sport, the frame and less powerful engine, basically - four-stroke.


Addresses kart in major Ukrainian cities, where you can both have fun and learn the professional management of a racing car:


Karting Center SmartKart

Address: Metro Kesh End Keri, Ring Road, 1B

Karting Club Caravan

Address: street Meadow, 12

Karting Center "Blockbuster"

Address: st Stepan Bandera, 34B

Karting on Seagull (The largest karting in Kiev)

Address: Street Aviakonstruktora Antonov 2


Odessa Karting Club

Address: Street Basic, 17, (TC "Nove Misto" - entrance opposite the gas station Socar), 7 km. Ovidiopil road smt. avant-garde

Crazy Karting

Address: Health Track, Odessa (near the center)




Address: Street Plekhanovskaya, 126,

Indoor Karting

Address: Street Plekhanovskaya 128


Garage-kart Center

Address: Quay Street Factory, 82d

Karting Club Enios Sport

Address: street Yasnaya Polyana, 88


Address: Avenue Dmitry Yavornytsky 97CH,


Empire speed

Address: Avenue Korabelov 1/1


Kartynh-Tsentr "Kartodrom"

Address: st The April 21.



Address: 18, Street zalaegerszeg


Karting Cherkassy

Address: The Quay (Pierce), street Kozacky

Karting Club Cherkassy

Address: Street of the 30th anniversary of Victory 5/1.

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