We give birth with comfort: the addresses of private maternity hospitals in Ukraine

Birth of a child - it is very exciting and extremely important period in the life of any family. Therefore, the parents want to pregnancy and childbirth have been comfortably and seamlessly. Many families who are expecting the appearance of the baby, choose a private hospital. What is the advantage of the private maternity hospital to give birth and where you can comfortably in Ukraine?

Private hospital - a place in which a woman, in addition to highly skilled professionals, for a fee, receives comfort, care, attention, and clock care. By signing the contract in the private hospital, you will not need collecting bags with things - sufficient to take the documents and exchange card, all you need you will get there. Husband or relatives do not have to wear to the hospital sudochki with food, as you would in a private hospital to feed so that it will not want to leave.


ISIDA.Rodd ISIDA 14 years opens its doors to expectant mothers, during which time it was born more than 12.5 thousand kids. This is the first private hospital in Ukraine, which is improved and provides its customers with more quality services every year. Here you will be able to visit the school for parents, and a consultant on breastfeeding clinic is located in the state and at any time will provide the necessary assistance and support.

Address: City Kyiv, blvd. Havel (Ivan Lepse), 65

Site: https://rodyi.isida.ua/


Adonis. In 2016, the hospital is accredited by Adonis of the first category in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. During his work at the hospital was born in 1650 children. It offers 24 comfortable chambers are provided, 3 rodzala and equipped intensive care of newborns. The site clinic you can find a list of things that you will need during your stay in the hospital.

Address: Kiev region., Pos. Buzovaya Str. Sadowski, 34-A (15 min. by m. Zhitomirska)

Site: https://adonis-o.com.ua/


Stork. Rodd Leleka built in 2016, it is one of the new private maternity hospitals. He is also working on an "all-inclusive", where the expectant mother will find everything you need for a comfortable stay with the baby. Rodd equipped with modern neonatal resuscitation, special equipment for sterilization of the air, and the chambers of the delivery room comfortably. It is the first hospital that provides specialized obstetric and neonatological care with the introduction of medical risk insurance.

Address: city Str. Kvitki Tsisyk, 56
Site: https://leleka.com.ua/


Genesis Dnepr.It is the only private hospital in the Ukraine outside Kiev. In general, the clinic specializes in the treatment of infertility, ICSI, IVF, pregnancy and childbirth. This hospital provides an exclusive setting for every pregnant woman in the list of services you will find: personal chef, video surveillance the child, if it is in the children's department, as well as the services of a nurse who cares for your only baby.

Address: city Dnepropetrovsk, st. Rybinsk, 119-120
Site: https://ivf-genesis-dnepr.ua/

Also be sure to ask about than perinatal center is different from the usual maternity hospital