Doctors talk about the unexpected danger of ear sticks

Cotton swabs are one of the most dangerous products in modern hygiene.

Despite the fact that doctors all over the world declare that it is harmful to clean with cotton swabs, most parents do not stop doing it even for very young children. But this is fraught with serious unexpected consequences.

You must understand that you cannot completely get rid of earwax - it accumulates there for a reason.

It is the sulfur that helps the hearing aid function properly and also protects the ear from all kinds of damage.

What consequences can children have after using cotton swabs?

  • cotton swabs tamp the sulfur into the depths, and sulfur plugs can appear through this;
  • due to the use of ear sticks, otitis media can often be;
  • cotton swabs can injure a child's inner ear. And this may be the reason for complete hearing loss.

Therefore, we recommend that you completely refuse to clean your ears with cotton swabs - just rinse with your fingers and blot with a towel. The sticks can only be used on the outside of the ear.

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