Where to rest and get healthier in Ukraine: sanatorium "Arctic", Berdyansk

What could be nicer than to go to the sea in the summer. It is possible to combine rest and recovery, because the sea air itself is healing. If you want to engage seriously in his health, go to the sanatorium Arctic in Berdyansk.

Do you want not only to relax but also improve your health, go to one of the resorts located on the sea coast. If you stand on the dispensary for any chronic disease, contact your doctor, family doctor or therapist. He will not only orient you in relation to the profile of the institution, but also to assist getting a discounted or free tickets.

Sanatorium Arctic, Berdyansk

Location:in the heart of the Berdyansk spit on the beach, 20 km from the city.
Profile sanatorium:
- treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
- respiratory;
- peripheral nervous system;
- the urogenital area.


Medical complex sanatorium includes:

- mud baths;
- hydropathic pool for underwater traction;
- Department of Kinesitherapy,
- physical therapy offices;
- physiotherapeutic compartment (laser-, magnetotherapy, iontophoresis, D'Arsonval);

- room aromatherapy and speleotherapy, inhalation;
- rooms with massage using deep oscillation;
- ultrasound diagnostic unit represented cabinet, endoscopic cabinet (gastroscopy, colonoscopy).


accommodation:double and triple rooms with all amenities, single, double, triple "suites" and "junior suite", equipped with a TV and fridge. There is a more affordable option - triple rooms with partial conveniences: a shower located on the ground floor.
Food: integrated 3-time and improved nutrition from a special menu.


- computer room;
- disco;
- bar;
- the Internet;
- car parking;
- children's beach;
- children playground.


cost: from 600 UAH. per day per person.
Required documents:voucher, civil or foreign passport, a sanatorium card; for children: birth certificate, certificate of vaccination, certificate of epidemokruzhenii.

More information at: https://arctica.zp.ua

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