When knees hurt: what to do?

Knee pain. Unfortunately, today even young people are worried about it. There are a lot of reasons: overweight, excessive physical activity, hormonal disorders and even congenital anomalies. However, most often problems begin with age, when the cartilage of the knee joint wears out due to natural aging and long-term "use". Then it loses its function, and the person becomes painful and even difficult to walk.

It is especially difficult with pain in the knees to move up and down stairs, plus an unpleasant crunch appears during movement. As a result, the knees swell, the articular tissue and the volume of fluid increase in them, the muscles gradually atrophy, and the mobility is noticeably limited.

Symptoms, treatment

However, in the early stages, symptoms remain mild. People experience some discomfort, and that's all. Rest, as well as in some cases taking painkillers, give a relief effect, and the person continues to live as before, without worrying about medical consultations, treatment, etc.

If you consult a doctor during this period, he will most likely recommend rest and warm baths, as well as prescribe effective anti-inflammatory drugs.

When a patient experiences severe pain and / or obvious swelling of the knees, steroid injections are given directly into the joints to temporarily relieve symptoms and relieve the patient's condition. True, it is impossible to recover by this method, more serious measures are required.


Osteotomy, as a surgical operation, is indicated for patients with progressive arthritis - the destruction of cartilage on the inner side of the knee. Early to mid-stage degenerative arthritis causes the knee to bend inward, and the leg itself is deformed in an O-shape. For patients over 65 years old, in this case, it is precisely the operation that is recommended.

Endoprosthetics (partial) of the knee joint

Partial knee replacement is one of the types of arthroscopic knee surgery. After such an operation, the remaining healthy part remains intact, only the damaged part changes. This means that the natural joint works well afterwards.

Endoprosthetics (full) knee

If a patient is diagnosed with arthritis in the last stage (the cartilage is completely worn out and the bones are in contact with each other), doctors consider the possibility of an artificial joint surgery.

During such an operation, the destroyed articular components are replaced with endoprostheses - artificial structures that are biologically compatible with the tissues of the human body. Such prostheses repeat the shape of the "details" of the apparatus of the musculoskeletal system of the body.

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