Outerwear for overweight: 10 rules for a stylish (and slim) demi-season

There are no single rules, following which all women will look slimmer. Much depends on the particular garment model, fabric, color scheme, cut, length and design details. But you can always compare two similar clothing models and see that one of them is more successful for a plus size figure than the other.

Here are 10 details to look out for when choosing outerwear for a full figure.

All models are taken from the "Big sizes" catalog of the Wildberries online store.

1. Single-breasted coat instead of double-breasted

Even a very bright coat can be worn fearlessly if it has the right cut and details that do not draw attention to the fullness. Double-breasted model with two buttons visually widens the figure, drawing attention to the waist area. Even considering the V-shaped throat. One single button at the top of the coat shifts the gaze to this area, and the volume is no longer striking.

2. Long coat instead of short jacket

The "apple" figure is the most problematic for a woman who wants to look slimmer. Jackets, like other short models such as shirts, jackets, tunics, always emphasize this area, while a long coat visually stretches the silhouette, preventing the eye from focusing on the fullness of the middle part body.

3. Print and fitted cut instead of trapezoid

Many girls wear a trapezoidal cut short coat or poncho, thereby only visually expanding their figure, making it immense. Instead, you can choose a coat model with a print with an optical illusion effect and even choose a waist with a belt. Then the fullness (big belly, wide waist) will be hidden, and the figure will not be exaggerated in scale.

4. Matte fabrics instead of shiny

Choosing between shine and dullness, with a full figure, it is preferable to dwell on the latter. Even the universal black color in fabric with an intense shine visually increases the figure, especially when it comes to a voluminous down jacket.

5. V-neck instead of a stand-up collar

Quite a few odes have already been sung to the V-neck, and absolutely rightly so. This is especially important for owners of a massive upper body zone, which, when the cut of outerwear is wrapped, becomes even larger, making a woman square. A coat with a turndown collar that forms a V-shaped neckline makes the image lighter, lengthens the neck, visually stretching the silhouette vertically. This is especially important with a round or full face.

6. Soft oversized instead of crisp lines

The bright color of the coat, clear cut, straight lines, large buttons - all this enlarges the figure, without masking the fullness at all. And a completely different matter - an elegant oversize, which delicately drapes the silhouette, successfully concealing the fullness.

7. Bright accents instead of sleek minimalism

When choosing a minimalistic style and sleek cut, you should always be prepared for the fact that flaws may be drawn attention. If there are bright details in the clothes, you can always shift it to them. For example, the hood in the photo makes the neck longer, bright red and white buttons visually narrow the waist area, drawing the eye to the central part of the body, and not to its width.

8. Moderately loose fit instead of extra oversized

Oversized is not always a good choice, especially when it comes to a long coat or raincoat. In the plus size version, a long and overly spacious coat reduces height and makes a woman dimensionless, but a neatly fitting edge or slightly loose is ideal.

9. Jacket with central zip instead of side zip

A classic leather jacket is almost always a close-fitting model, but even on the same figure, the perception of size will differ depending on the details.

A classic biker jacket with a diagonal zipper is not always a good choice, as it visually expands the central part of the body, making it even more massive. Quite a different matter - a jacket with a minimalistic design with a zip in the center. Even in the version with a completely closed neckline, it slims, drawing a vertical silhouette.

10. A fabric jacket instead of a down jacket

Many women are prejudiced towards windbreakers and parkas, but they are the ones that emphasize the figure advantageously, in contrast to thin autumn down jackets. The collage clearly shows how the same model looks in a short straight down jacket and fitted a windbreaker, in which it looks much slimmer due to the highlighted waist and the lack of additional the volume of the jacket.

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