How to understand that covid pneumonia turns into bacterial

Covid pneumonia is a viral inflammation of the lungs. Antibiotics do not work on her.

A large number of people are now being tested and diagnosed with covid. If the diagnosis is confirmed, then such pneumonia is considered viral.

And here people have a fear that the viral will be reborn into the bacterial, and something needs to be done about it.

In fact, you don't need to do anything in advance. If there is already a diagnosis, then this diagnosis is stopped. Maybe later something will happen. But when it happens, then they will think.

With covid pneumonia, there are characteristic signs on a tomogram of the chest organs. If then, against this background, another picture appears, similar to the usual bacterial pneumonia, then this will be regarded as a bacterial infection.

Or even without an X-ray, if a person in the hospital is suddenly sick with increased shortness of breath, then this will also look like a bacterial infection.

Well, it is clear that if a person has signs of pneumonia, and he has not been tested for the virus, then no one will refuse antibiotics.

In fact, bacteria in covid pneumonia do not germinate as often as many think. If you count and add up those who were admitted to the hospital with both viral and bacterial infection, with those who later picked up some bacteria in intensive care, then there was something about 7%. This was specifically checked against a whole list of studies.

So those unfortunate people who end up in intensive care with severe covid, they are very at risk due to the misuse of antibiotics by everyone else. If antibiotics are missed at random and to everyone, then the hospital infection will become very trained, and people in intensive care will have less chances to get out.

Do not buy antibiotics without a doctor's prescription.

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