Independence Day of Ukraine 2019: congratulations in verse and prose

August 24, Ukraine celebrates Independence Day, congratulate their relatives and friends on this holiday, taking advantage of the beautiful poetry and prose.

Dear Ukrainians, we congratulate you on the national holiday - the Independence Day of Ukraine!

Let your body, business and personal opinions will also be independent.

And just let the heart be sure to love captive. We wish you total improvement of life, chronic happiness, health and unwavering smiles everyday.


Long live free, free people!

Prosperity, health, good spirit of the rich and generous Ukraine! Let your family will always be united, tables - complete, holidays - fun, neighbors - responsive, and friends - honest!


I wish you happiness, sincerity,

On the Day of Independence of Ukraine,

Love the country, all desire,

Another such, no longer know.

Let the sun shine brightly all

There will be no world touched by anyone,

May the joy will be laughter,

Let awaits the country, a great success.


Dear Ukrainians! I congratulate you on the Independence Day of Ukraine!

You courageously defended their beloved land, fought and argued and fought, received, lost, and now-independent Ukraine! Hooray! Long live our prosperous, proud, free-style and a strong spirit of the country!


So many years have fought, struggled and got lost again - and that Ukraine became independent.

We wish politicians cunning and wisdom, and more - to celebrate Independence Day, we still have hundreds of years


I wish peace and prosperity,

Freedoms and rights, good luck,

Under the sky of peace let easily

Solved in the fate of the problem.

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