3 a method for jobs in the decree and remain good parent

Work = hobby

If you have a favorite thing, why not cash in on it?

This can be not only drawing and crafts, but also cooking, floral, etc. The original product you have, the more you will have orders.

But first you need to impress clients, so be sure to learn how PR and SMM - without it you will not find them.

Part of the profession

There are several options to earn income:

  • part-time work;
  • distant work;
  • freelance.


You must agree with employer and decide how you will work - either remotely or go part-time. And maybe you'll find one-off orders. For example, an accountant can remotely keep accounts a small company, a lawyer - to make contracts, and advise clients on video, etc.

Learn a new profession

If you do not wish to return to the same job, then you should enroll and learn a new profession.

Courses are in different areas - programming, design, internet marketing, the SMM, project management, photos, shooting video, etc.

You will find interesting 5 tips on how to choose the work of two or more options