7 days I used only La Roche-Posay cosmetics: what happened to my skin

Hello everyone!

Glad to see you on my channel! If this is your first visit to me, then let's get acquainted.

I am Oksana, I love beautiful clothes, effective cosmetics and positive people. I have moody, hypersensitive, always red and displeased skin.

This year turned out to be nervous and it seems that my body decided to declare a boycott by the fall. The hair fell like a hail and the skin began to do the unthinkable: it blushed more than ever and began to "spit" with the usual care. This often happens to her, I have to regularly change my care products, otherwise the skin gets used and literally starts to reject.

This time the choice fell on La Roche-Posay. I decided to try the series for sensitive skin and "sat" only on it for a week. If you have similar problems, read to the end, the result is interesting.

I tried very hard to convey all my redness, but the camera failed. In short: I burn with a hot flame. At the end of the article I will show a photo AFTER the experiment

I am here without a gram of cosmetics, I ask you to be loyal and understanding :) I really want to share honest result BEFORE and AFTER, so take it as it is: with redness and imperfections.

What I used in the morning:

  • The first stage, as always, was purification.

Make friends with the brand's washer Toleriane Caring Wash failed, although the gel goes for sensitive skin. After him, my face pinched and tightened. I used my usual cleanser.

  • I temporarily refused the tonic. During an exacerbation, it acts negatively on my skin.
  • After washing, I applied an intense anti-redness serum Rosaliac AR Intense. According to the manufacturer, it should help couperose skin, improve microcirculation and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Relieve fever and calm.
  • Completed the rescue operation with a soothing cream Toleriane Ultra.

Night saviors

  • In the evening, again gently, but thoroughly cleansed the face
  • Then came the serum Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo. It enhances the skin's immunity and makes it work, activates the natural protective function. I would like to note that all the products have very convenient dispensers and sealed packages, no byaka will penetrate into the cream or serum.
  • The last step was the night regenerating cream Toleriane Ultra Nuit, looking ahead, I will say that it is magical. I think even Hellboy will love him. He impressed me the most, he is able to transform the skin and soothe redness in just one night.

A few days ago a friend was visiting me and we, carried away by a sincere conversation, did not notice how the red dry quickly ended. A friend usually walks crimson for two days after him. I offered her to try this cream. I applied it at night, got up in the morning, as if nothing had happened.

Well, here, in fact, is my result BEFORE and AFTER:

I tried to take photos with the same lighting, I also don't have a single gram of makeup on, using photoshop is not in my rules.

Local redness remained, but I didn’t have any hopes that they could be removed with cosmetics. Overall, the picture has improved a lot. The skin became more uniform in color, the heat was gone and I no longer feel such a burning sensation.

My favorites were Toleriane Ultra Nuit Night Cream and Rosaliac AR Intense Serum.

Tell us in the comments about your SOS-funds, what do you use?

Thank youwhat have you read! All health and beautiful skin!

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