I answer the most frequent question of the season - how to wear a down jacket with a skirt / dress

The most frequent question that women of fashion ask me in the cold season is something like this: is it possible to wear a down jacket with a skirt / dress?Or is it necessary to buy a coat for a dress?

Let's understand and debunk the myths.

Internet littered with articles on topics: a woman with taste will not dress like this; a down jacket with a skirt is worn only by provincial women; the dress should in no case be longer than the coat...

All these invented prohibitions and rules impose a bunch of complexes on us and prevent us from playing an exciting fashionable game. And they make them afraid of experiments.

So dress and jacket regulations good tandem:

It seems that the combination of a leather jacket & a flying dress has already set everyone on edge. But in fact, many women hesitate to wear it.

If a dress, then be sure to graceful pumps with heels and a coat. But is it possible to redo the heap of things that a modern woman faces every day with stilettos? The mission seems a little achievable. And that is why more and more ladies prefer to wear trousers, everything is simple and clear with them. They will tolerate any shoe and make friends with any top.

For those who love skirts and dresses, but at the same time adore comfort, great news! There are universal styles that, like trousers, will endure everything.

It's simple: choose the right dress and wear it with any jacket and down jacket. You can read about the correct styleshere.


In the photo above, we just see the perfect basic dress. It can be included in a brutal, strict outfit, and in a feminine and romantic one. One has only to change rough boots for elegant ankle boots and replace the jacket with a coat.

With a sheepskin coat

The same principle applies here. The skirt, although with an active print, but without unnecessary embellishments in the form of flounces, frills and inserts. It is basic. Therefore, you can wear it with any outerwear.

With a down jacket

We mentally put on tight tights. Warm and stylish - things are compatible.


If you want to add grace, then the belt will help us. So we designate the waist and make the image more interesting. A trifle, but few people use it.

Can I wear a dress / skirt with a sports down jacket?

Yes, and yes again!


  • Choose the right basic styles, they are easy to match.
  • Down jackets with wide stitching are in fashion.
  • Give preference to a semi-fitted or loose fit. Jackets / down jackets in sticky are not only not relevant, but also not practical. It is difficult to pry a warm jacket under them or create a multi-layered image.

I hope it was useful to you :)

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Sincerely, Oksana
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