How to calculate the due date weekly pregnancy?

Everything they say about the weeks of pregnancy and trimesters, and you still do not understand how to calculate them?

How to start the expectant mother

Pregnancy is traditionally divided into trimesters, and the easiest way to find out the date conception and, as a consequence of pregnancy week it is ultrasound.

Doctors calculate the date of the size of the embryo, and subsequently calculate your week of pregnancy can expectant mother herself.

Classic pregnancy lasts 40 weeks (ten menstrual cycles of 28 days). But gynecologists immediately warn expectant mothers that childbirth can either begin earlier and be delayed for at least one week.

How to calculate the due date weekly pregnancy? /

The fact that the 40-week pregnancy is considered to be optimal, but, as always with the human body, it flows individually.

How to determine the date of birth?

Into account the most frequently taken the so-called rule Nagel, the starting point he considered the day of the last cycle of the expectant mother. Although doctors are now aware that conception occurs after two weeks or two weeks before the next cycle, the formula Nagel still enjoyed throughout the world.

How to calculate the due date weekly pregnancy? /

Just now the doctors advise pregnant women end up in the beginning of their last menstrual cycle is not exactly 9 months, he considered German gynecologist and 9 months and 14 days.

For example, if the extreme periods started on January 1, the conception could have occurred 15 numbers and birth take place on 8 October.

Also you can use a trimester (the first lasts from the date of fertilization and up to 13 weeks, the second - from 14 to 28, the third - from 28 up to birth).

How to calculate the due date weekly pregnancy? /

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