Fashionable haircut options 2020 for owners of a round and full face

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As you remember, in the previous article i told you about the best way to choose a bang that will incredibly transform your hairstyle and the whole look. You can get acquainted with them by going toby this link.

And today I will tell you which haircuts are best for women with a round and full face.

Sometimes some parameters in appearance interfere with achieving the ideal, which forces girls to abandon different images, hairstyles and what more to listen to different stereotypes.

However, in fact, it is worth contacting a specialist who will quickly find a way out of this situation and help you choose an image that will completely transform you.

In haircuts, it is also worth considering some nuances, and today I will tell you what is best for women of fashion with a round and full face.

What you should pay attention to?

Owners of this type of face should immediately take into account some of the nuances. A long haircut may not always fit and not hide all the shortcomings, too short, on the contrary, can emphasize what is not worth it, because the optimal length is average.

Give up curly hair and lush curls, this hairstyle will plump you. Too smooth and perm will not work.


The most suitable option for chubby ladies. It is best to make a square up to the shoulders, so it will hide all the flaws and emphasize the advantages, besides, visually lengthen the face. Long oblique bangs will also help. You can also pay attention to the asymmetry, it will add originality to your image.


Any variation of such hairstyles is perfect, the main thing is to observe one important point - to cover your cheeks.


A versatile haircut that suits everyone, the main thing is to choose your own variation. An elongated or graduated bob is the best solution.


This haircut itself is gorgeous, and for the owners of this type of face it is a salvation, because it will not only hide all the flaws, but also visually make the face more elongated. And most importantly, it will add tenderness and femininity to you.


It is considered one of the most ideal layered haircuts that visually stretches the face. Its main difference is the volumetric crown and sharp drops. An oblique long bang will add originality and modernity to such a hairstyle.

It is quite difficult for girls with a round face to choose a hairstyle that will help achieve the desired result.. However, any of the above will exceed all expectations and make you look irresistible.

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