Father's day 2019: beautiful greetings in verse and prose

Congratulations father - June 16, 2019, in verse and prose.

In Ukraine and the world Dayfathercelebrate the third Sunday of the first summer month. date holiday in 2019 it falls on June 16.

Congratulations from his father's wife


Happy Father's Day I want to congratulate

Best of all men,

Even though the whole world turn,

He's so we have one.

The kindest, most gentle,

Though sometimes brow knits,

The most gentle and generous,

Us he loves more than life itself.

We wish long life,

Life without the worries and troubles,

So she was happy

Just a couple of hundred years.


He is the best in the world of men,

I have it this one.

Beautiful, smart and elegant,

Intelligent and gallant.

He - a role model,

Object female adoration he,

he is not deprived of attention,

And low bow to him from me.

Say the words I can not,

How much I love him ...

I, Daddy, thank you,

During my happy life!


Do you remember the day when your hands

You took the first child? -

Well, hello, baby, I'm the daddy -

You whispered softly ...

And since you're the best!

The most gentle heart beat;

You're home, love carries,

You - my father. And a loyal friend

From the first terrestrial breath,

Every day, and year. again

Adoration of our pipsqueak

You pay for love.

The Father's Day I want to confess:

We are pleased by the day

Pope to our delight!

We love you very much!


Protection of the family,

Advisor to our sage

And our guardian you -

Lovely our father!

You remember that it is always

We miss without you.

Happy dad Happy Father's Day

We congratulate you!


I hasten to congratulate wife

a wonderful holiday. Today

We'll be together the whole evening

to talk to him about anything.

We recall our meeting with him,

even as we were whispering at night:

"Lord, send us quickly son

but rather little daughter. "

Since then it has passed many springs,

you have become my husband, a great father.

Grow our son and daughter,

we dreamed about them once.

We are all for you, my dear love.

You are always proud of the children.

You're the kindest, wisest.

And best dad - there is no light!

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Congratulations on the day of his father from his daughter and son


I am proud that I am my father's daughter!

About many things I want to talk

And each new line

You ready to devote.

Let the bright sun of success

It shines always on the road.

More fun and laughter,

And the best all - in front!


Happy father congratulate you,

Performed particularly long,

You have to protect your family,

To always loved you live.

Be an example, pride, strength,

And from the troubles you are enclosing a family,

Be happy and forever loved,

all fulfill a promise!


You're the father - head of the family,

Better in the world to find.

You and our friend and teacher,

Mamin you bodyguard.

Happy Father's Day, your mother,

We are proud of all of you!

You health we desire,

And tightly hug!


I am for you as for the wall,

Thank you Daddy dear,

For your kindness and love,

For that is always with me,

For what he did to me,

On the day of his father's embrace I love you.

Congratulations on the Day of his father from his son:

That's my father's day arrived.

I want to pleasure he gave,

Of good health on the year,

Mutual love forever.

And that sadness is not concerned,

Friends were reliable,

Good luck, happiness without end.

Favorite Dad, Happy Father's Day!


You're the most important person.

I love you, Daddy.

And Father's Day is going to tell you:

Dochulya proud of you.

You are to me like superman,

Protector and savior.

And let all envy me,

What is a parent.


You are the strongest, the most intelligent,

And the good, finally!

Love just crazy,

And I'm proud of you, father!

I wish you great health,

Always be number one!

I'm telling you to love:

You, Dad, the best of men!


Happy Father's Day, my dear papa,

I congratulate you.

And I said: "You're the best,

Much I love you. "

Pope be not so easy,

Know that you and me.

But with the obligation of the

You always cope.

In celebration, Daddy, I wish

I tell you only one thing:

To health, my good,

It was always about-ho-ho.

Congratulations father fun


I heard somewhere chick song: "You, I congratulate you on Father's Day!"

With what pride chick then sang,

Thank you, for the fact that it took off!

And I thank you I say, father,

For the fact that I'm flying and all I can,

I wish you health and happiness without end,

- And congratulations on the occasion of his father!


Who belt gave me as a child?

Who gave the love from the heart?

It's my dad's favorite:

Strong and unique!

Happy father I am today

Congratulations, Dad, you!

That has always been healthy,

Kind, sensitive and fun!


Dad can beer with fish,

Maybe a beer just like that.

Dad goes to work,

10 days in his socks.

Pope loudest in the world,

Maybe slurp at the table,

Only Pope President

It can call a goat!

The Pope felt the neighbors,

Respect and fear.

Dad can not hesitate,

Garbage stand in shorts.

Dad likes to drink, play,

Fart and grunt smoking

Only with the mother, baba Lida,

Our dad can not live!


Father's Day - it is a joyous celebration

The best, most courageous men.

All fathers in a hurry, I congratulate

Since this holiday is very large.

Being a father - not an easy task,

Being responsible should always be.

Being a father - it means a lot,

It means love in the year.

Let your children are always respected,

Dear men, fathers.

Let your palate from troubles guards,

From sadness, misery, gray hair.

Be happy, always healthy

And warm loving family.

Let your world illumined by love.

Will your every joyful moment.


Great fathers are not so many in the world,

But I was lucky unspeakably with you -

You're the good on the whole planet!

Let it be always in your heart at rest.

Let there be health, luck and courage,

Let the conversation be always from the heart.

Friends let you never fail.

Go smoothly for the most vivid dreams.

Congratulations father in prose

Being a good father - the most responsible and necessary work in the lives of men. Set an example for my son and daughter for a good magician. Teach, talk, defend, explain, and do it all with love and patience - this is only the Pope. Congratulations to the worthy fathers are proud of them and wish them only happiness and health!


Daddy, I congratulate you on the day of his father! I wish you happiness, to life was in joy, and not ate a routine that was a strong health, and heart - forever young. Let fate often rewards for all your efforts, and always protects, no matter what, and no matter where you are. I wish that luck has always been faithful to you, and was happy every moment.


Dad, Happy Father's Day! I wish you always stay in the same firm and strong to be a real earner and remain a reliable support for our entire family. I wish you to be happy and healthy.