Eastern method: How to find and massage the point of longevity correctly

Eastern medicine never ceases to amaze with its method of treatment. It would seem that what we have been treating with medicines for years, the Chinese treat with active points on their body, and their method has been proving its effectiveness for more than a century.

One of the amazing points is under our knees and in translation bears the beautiful name "divine longevity" (Tszu-san-li).

With regular exposure to the Tzu-san-li point, a number of health problems can be solved:

  • normalize blood pressure
  • improve the work of housing and communal services
  • strengthen immunity
  • improve the cardiovascular system
  • cope with stress
  • the signs of aging are suspended.

Where is the point of longevity

Sit straight on a chair with your palm under your knee, as shown in the picture.

Under the little finger, feel the depression between the bones. This is the point of longevity.

Execution technique

Oddly enough, but the Chinese argue that the action of the point depends on the timing of its execution.

  • If the massage is done in the morning, then it should be done clockwise, which has a stimulating effect.
  • If in the afternoon, the massage is done counterclockwise, which has a calming effect.

You need to massage for at least 2 minutes, massaging points on both legs.

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