Natalia Walewska "Parent ego interferes with the interaction with the child"

At the concert "Victory. One for all ", which viewers of" Inter "will see May 9 at 20:30, the singer Natalia Walewska will sing the song" Shcherbaty month. "

On stage actress will appear in an unusual way - a certain angel, lost daughter, who refers to his mother from the dead. For Natalia, this issue is very delicate and touching, because it is working hard to make itself become a mother. At the rehearsal concert Kolobok. UA talked with Natalie to find out about her plans for motherhood and the happiest memories come from her childhood.

Natalia, it so happened that the problem of conceiving touched many Ukrainians. How do you manage not to lose courage in this difficult time?

First of all, I support my belief. I believe that by God's will really everything! Surely you've heard of many cases of miraculous healings and the appearance of children in the parents' old age. This proves that there is nothing impossible for God. I also believe that such tests are given to us for the purpose of understanding, repentance and working of some sins. This is a lesson over. Well, if a person has done everything possible and still not get to have babies - give your love to those who are now in need of it. I'm sure these people have enough in our world.

Surely, you have already presented themselves to her mother. What would you like to be sure to teach your child? What rules would be adhered to education?

I do not intend to interfere with the independent development of the child and for him to choose his path in life. He must decide for themselves who to be. Recently I watched a wonderful program "Supernyanya" - Western format, adapted to the Slavic family. From it you can make a lot of instructive and useful lessons. For example, the importance of the ability to conduct a dialogue with the child. Hear him. Because usually parents forget what they were themselves at their age, and struggling to change their children. This parental ego prevents interaction with the child, makes it impossible to enjoy hanging out. And it's so cool, to be a child and to fool around with him.

Natalia Walewska / Press Service

How do you usually spend time with their parents? What memories have become valuable to you, important?

We never sat on the ground - parents tried to drive us wherever possible. Very memorable children's cinema and the "Jumble", to which we are constantly led to his sister. And these incredible outing for ice cream! It was quite an event: a beautiful dress and go to the most fashionable place in town the whole family to enjoy a multi-colored ice cream with different watering. Real holiday!

As brought up before your parents?

I am grateful to my parents for what they did not prevent me to develop creatively. At home, they put me to the plate, thus developing my musical taste. When I grew up, I paid training at the music school. Even bought a piano! You can not imagine how it was important to me. After all, I was quite active girl who wanted to write songs, arranging and performing with them at competitions. Moreover, my mother was my first listener. She never criticized me, not discouraged - only advise where and what to correct.

Considering your busy schedule, you plan to use the babysitting service?

Absolutely! Important to find a reliable person who can call for help. After all, if all pull only on themselves and their abilities - you can fall into a depression. And, of course, have enough sleep the night is unlikely to have a positive impact on the profession and business. I still wonder our mothers - how they coped with everything?

Natalia Walewska / Press Service