10 things the man in you hates

All of us women want to understand what exactly the beloved man feels for us. And, no matter how strange it may sound, but sometimes hatred can say much more about love than some romantic deeds. I propose to understand this in more detail. What is it that a man hates about you?

10 things the man in you hates

Things your man just can't stand

He hates when you doubt your beauty

When a man really loves a woman, she becomes the most gorgeous, attractive and very beautiful for him. He considers her the best in the whole world. And so, when you start lamenting something about your appearance, your man does not understand this at all, and is very upset. Your beloved man saw you in different states, but still continues to tell you that you are beautiful. And so it is!

He hates upsetting you

We are all imperfect, and we can make mistakes along the way. And somehow strange it turns out that sometimes we hurt those whom we love more than anyone else in the world. And your man can also be the cause of your pain. Only if he really regrets what was done or said, then his feelings are definitely genuine.

He hates when you're unhappy

Men want to know that their other halves are happy with everything, and that it was they who made them happy. Making you happy is the goal of your partner as well. And he hates it when you are unhappy. He is like a hunted beast that rushes about and does not know what to do to fix everything. But he tries, does nice things for you, supports you, sympathizes with you.

He hates it when you step over yourself for him

Your man does not need you to become different, change because of him. Yes, he is not trying to change you, he loves you just the way you are, real, natural and with his own quirks!

He hates when you blame and judge yourself.

A man does not like it when you start reproaching yourself for the perfect step, because this is already in the past. And it is very annoying when you start judging yourself for stretch marks, wrinkles, extra pounds. He loves you, and he didn't choose you for your looks!

He hates when you give up

Life cannot always be pleasant and good, problems often happen on our way. And your man hates it when you give up and give up. He doesn't like it when you suddenly go astray and lose faith in yourself. It is not easy for him either, he needs to fight, to move on, no matter what happens.

He doesn't like it when you're not around

His love for you is so strong that even parting one day becomes unbearable for him! Maybe he won't find the words to express it, or maybe he just won't want to talk about such a manifestation of weakness. But know, he misses, he feels bad when you are not around.

He hates it when someone offends you.

He becomes like an angry tiger when he sees that someone is hurting you. He is always ready to stand up for you if someone offends you. He may not always be there at such moments, but he really hurts when you are devalued and treated badly.

He doesn't like to watch when you are in pain

You can be silent and experience your pain in yourself, but he feels everything, and simply hates himself at such moments, because it seems that he cannot do anything.

He hates when you hide your pain

He doesn't want you to close when you are in pain. It is hard for him to look at it, he hates himself when he cannot provide you with any help. It hurts even more when you hide something, as if you don't trust him.

I wish you all mutual understanding, love and true sincere feelings! Love and appreciate each other! Be happy!

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