Trends of 2020 - fashionable haircut for long hair

Long hair is the adornment of every woman. They make us much more attractive, fresher and more mysterious. But sometimes it is very difficult to choose a haircut for long curls. It is not always possible to actually get to a professional hairdresser, and an inexperienced master may advise you to make a square or a hard bob. And after all, you want to be a beauty, that's why ladies trust hairdressers, and then cry because they decided to cut their chic hair. Stop! In 2020, you should pay attention to fashion trends that will be relevant precisely on long hair.

Be in trend! What to come up with for long hair?

Shaggy haircut 

The stunning, elegant and very beautiful shaggy haircut is back in fashion again. It was popular in the 70s and 80s of the last century. And so, in 2020, it was made incredibly popular again. And that means women with long hair have a win-win solution! However, the shaggy of our years will look a little different than in the 80s. Now it has become more textured and layered. But one thing remained unchanged, the haircut is still the same shaggy and light! By the way, shaggy can be done for both long and short hair. And the most interesting thing is that shaggy is suitable for almost any face shape. So, not sure what to do with your hair, go to the hairdresser and ask for a shaggy haircut for you. Great option!


Yes, you are not mistaken if you remembered the heroine of the same name from the TV series Friends! Jennifer Aniston gave us this haircut that never seems to go out of style at all! By the way, it was the stylist of the actress who created it, just by experimenting. Instead of scissors, he used a razor! The result is the effect of torn strands! Then it seemed like a shock, but now it is one of the ways to create a true masterpiece on a woman's head! Only in 2020, such a haircut will even shock! Because heavy layers and strands will be trendy, as well as a minimum of styling! The haircut turns out to be mischievous, refreshes, gives a mystery to a woman.

Small bangs 

You may not necessarily have a fashionable haircut, but you can experiment with bangs. Let's say that French or childish bangs are in fashion now. Moreover, the bangs can be either short or long. Will add charm and ease to your look.

Long bangs 

As for the length of the bangs, bangs on the entire forehead have become fashionable this year. Only here you need to choose an experienced master so that a professional picks up a bang for you that will harmoniously and in general ideally go to your face and to the whole image.

Curtain bangs

Another bang option for those girls who still want to be in trend, plan to change something in themselves, but the very presence of bangs annoys them. Long bangs that get in the way of your eyes can easily transform into a mega cool solution - a curtain bang! Again, she came to us from the distant past, namely from the 70s. Such a bang is perfect for women with a large forehead. It does not require long-term care; it is enough to straighten it with an iron before going out. You can very quickly "send" the bangs-curtain to the total length of the hair, thereby getting rid of it altogether.

Ladder, cascade, asymmetrical bangs also do not go out of fashion. Long hair is the pride of every beauty. But don't forget that length is half the beauty. Without proper care and styling, you are unlikely to be able to complete your look and make it attractive.

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