Esotericists have named male names, the owners of which cannot build a happy marriage!

The name of a person can influence not only his character, but also his fate. It is surprising, but there are many examples that support this. For example, men named Zakhar, Victor and Alexander attract money to themselves. All Alexis, Vladimirs and Dmitriy are lucky in life. And Andrei, Yuri and Daniel, according to esotericists, are just perfect husbands.

And there are male names, the owners of which are simply not capable of being married for a long time. Who are they? Let's find out!


From ancient Greek it is translated as "winner". Nikita is a purposeful person, and among the owners of this name there are many famous people who have achieved success in this or that field of activity. Nikita is prone to rather strange actions, sometimes rash and unpredictable. He knows how to look after, and very beautifully and persistently, makes gorgeous compliments and gives an insane amount of flowers and gifts. And he is all such a direct "hero of the novel." The woman melts from one of his sighs, and, it would seem, the wedding is on the nose, like the beloved and the best Nikita disappears somewhere. Nikita has some kind of fear of marriage, he goes to the registry office only under pressure from relatives or to avoid condemnation from others. If he still got into a marriage relationship, he will continue to be an attentive gentleman, but not for long. He will begin to look at women, moreover, independent and free. It is just as difficult to "throw him out" of marriage as it is to drag him into it, but it will definitely change throughout his life.


The West Slavic form of the biblical name John is "the Grace of God." Jan is a very freedom-loving person, he is in no hurry to go to the registry office, and very carefully selects all the candidates for wives. For Jan, marriage is like something terrible, but inevitable. This is arrest, imprisonment in a cage, shackles for life. Goes down the aisle only under the pressure of relatives. Yang cannot live in such a "prison" for a long time, not every woman can withstand open love for freedom, her husband's friends are a priority and betrayals. Only a wise partner will endure all this through pain and tears. It will take many years for Yang to finally realize that he had taken the right step, that sometime... twenty years ago he went to the registry office with the most ideal woman!


This name is translated from ancient Roman as "noble" Since childhood, Gena is simply uncontrollable, his parents do not know how to bring him up in severity or affection in order to become his friend. However, very often men with this name grow up very insecure. They do not believe that they can achieve much in their careers, that now they will approach that beautiful woman, and she will meet them. Having entered into a relationship with a girl, Gennady begins to constantly torment himself with the thoughts that he is not worthy of his partner, that he does not even deserve her little finger. This kind of self-doubt is reflected in the fact that Gena becomes withdrawn and stingy in terms of displaying emotions. A woman is unlikely to wait for affection, tenderness and attention from him. And after all, it is still possible to build a marriage, this despite the fact that a woman sincerely loves a partner, and understands his such cold nature. However, absolutely nothing changes in marriage. Lack of emotion gradually leads to indifference, and then to separation. Gennady cannot be changed, it is better to just leave.

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