Dark circles under the eyes: grow old or get sick?

The man's face - it was his "calling card", which is constantly open to prying eyes. According to it, almost without effort you can read all the emotions, human emotions and even the age of the individual. First and foremost, the number of years lived issued dark circles under the eyes.

Get rid of this "blackout" aims to almost everyone. And particularly "annoying" is the fair half of mankind. Many women spend a lot of money on cosmetic products and procedures that help get rid of the "bruising" under the eyes. How successful? Let's investigate.

Mechanisms of dark circles

The pathology of these circles has several mechanisms:

1. Fatty layers disappear, and the recesses are formed

Our skin retained ligaments fixed to the skull bone (the so-called skin-periosteal ligaments). They can also form the cell, filling fat. With age, the amount of fat in the cells is reduced and there are depressions in the area around the eyes - too.

Changing in this regard, the front surface is illuminated differently, and there are dark circles around the eyes. In fact, it may be banal shadows cast by other facial structures.

2. skin Features

Under the eyes of a human skin is particularly thin and close fitting to the circular muscle and vascular plexus. In these places, very little fat, and therefore easy to shine, and the vessels, and muscles. All this gives the skin a little darker than in other areas of shade. But the appearance of a small swelling has a wealth of capillary network under the eyes.

With age, the permeability of blood vessels in humans increases, and the red blood cells within the vascular wall. Once they are destroyed, and as a result of this process under the eyes there is an accumulation of dark pigment hemosiderin.

3. The deposition of melanin pigment

Sometimes darkening of the area around the eyes is due to deposits of another pigment - melanin, actively produced during tanning. However, in this case, nothing to do with sunburn, and increased pigmentation is the most likely consequence melanotsitoza.

Do contact your doctor?

Generally, in most cases, dark circles under the eyes - it's not a medical problem. However, if they are too pronounced and it bothers you, you can make an appointment with a dermatologist. In the arsenal of modern medicine and cosmetology are relieving means and methods of radically solving the issue (this may be a chemical peel or laser therapy).

helpful hints

Significantly reduce the darkness around the eye area to help care tips from the experts:

1. From time to time shall be applied cold (very briefly) to the problem areas. Vasospasm under low temperature helps to eliminate fine circles. This is very helpful when you need to do something urgently (for example, before an important event, a festive evening, etc.).

2. High cushion (or cushion under it) in the sleep time reduces risk of morning puffiness and circles under the eyes.

3. It is necessary to provide sufficient time for a night's rest. sleep debt does not lead directly to the formation of the darkness under the eyes, but it is, in principle, makes the skin paler. And any such color becomes noticeable.

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