Retinal detachment eyes: how to save the eyesight?

Vision problems today are among the most common among the population in terms of health. Some of them are easy to correct, while others require a serious and not always effective treatment. For example, in the issue of a possible detachment of the retina it is important to make a diagnosis on time, then with the help of specialists will be able to preserve vision. If we ignore the symptoms and / or medical advice, you can pay for it, including a complete irreversible blindness.

How to recognize the danger?

If you suddenly appear before your eyes flash, or from time to time look veiled veil, it is necessary to address urgently to the ophthalmologist. All of these "special effects" indicate serious problems. Perhaps it is a detachment of the retina, and this is no joke.

What kind of attack this? Let's investigate.

The retina of the human eye - it is so thin "veil" that eye like lines the inside tightly-adhering tightly to his choroid. That the retina, like a film, captures any image and then sends it to "decrypt" in the special department of the brain (in the ones that are responsible for the visual system).

PWhen detached retina loses its connection with the supply of its shell eyes (vascular) and begins to atrophy. This process can take years, and can develop very quickly.

Symptoms of the state are above the flash in his eyes, as well as the appearance of floating spots and interfering review veil, loss of peripheral vision. Sometimes, however, retinal detachment occurs almost asymptomatic. All the "come out" only after the affected central (it is the most significant) part of the retina - the macula.

Who is at risk?

If we talk specifically about the detachment of the retina, is at risk are people who suffer from myopia (Medium / high) in which the retina begins to stretch and then becomes thinner, becoming more and more vulnerable. And all because of the abnormal growth of the eyeball. In addition, this group includes:

- diabetics;

- Patients with blood circulation;

- people who have had an eye injury / eye and head;

- undergone surgery on the organs of vision.

However, more attentive to the retina, noticing any changes in your own vision, should anyone who are concerned about their health, even if they see well and as long as they, in principle, nothing concerned. Periodically surveyed about the state of the retina must also:

- fighters;

- ski jumper;

- representatives of extreme professions.

After all causes of retinal detachment eyes, among other things, can be a high physical activity or strong physical shocks (when jumping / falling).

Health care

When the diagnosis of "detachment of the retina," the physician can offer the patient the following treatments:

1. vitrectomy - operation of partial / complete removal of the vitreous body and access to the affected retina. In the course of such an intervention vitreous is replaced with a special substance, which, in turn, is replaced by an intraocular fluid then naturally. After such an operation is restored anatomy of the eye.

2. episcleral filling - imposition of fixing seals procedure on the sclera, which provides a sufficiently tight fit of the retina to the choroid.

3. Laser coagulation, coalescence, and provides retinal eye choroid. The procedure is also excellent warning measure, reinforcing anatomical connection between the two aforementioned elements eye.

Remember that early treatment of retinal detachment plays a huge role in the preservation of the patient's vision. Therefore, it is important to have regular eye examination. And if there were warning signs it is necessary to immediately seek medical help.

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