Runny nose: what prevents us to cure it fast?

Runny nose serious illness, few believed. Meanwhile, running rhinitis is able to provoke the most serious complications. So rhinitis be treated and treated correctly.

In a situation of acute rhinitis any competent ENT advise the patient to "get" to the hospital. Even if he does not have a temperature. However, if you lie down on legal grounds is not possible, even in the workplace, you can avoid complications, if you follow the simple rules:

1. First, we should regularly ventilate the room in which have to be. It is also necessary to humidify, or for disease-causing bacteria will create the most that neither is a favorable environment.

2. It is better not to use public transport in order to avoid re-infection.

3. If you handle yourself with rhinitis failed for 4-5 days, it is necessary to refer to the otolaryngologist. Because then it is likely to go viral infection bacterial. This means a greater risk of developing complications.

4. Do not get carried away vasoconstrictor drugs (which is especially true for self "treatment"). These funds can not be used more than a week in a row, since it may start on chronic non-allergic rhinitis medicamentosa.

5. Needless to wash out a nose for more than 2 weeks in a row. For the same reasons as described above.

In addition, doctors advise their patients to abuse the methods of traditional medicine, no matter how effective they were not considered. For example, one can not indefinitely warm nose salt. Although such a procedure and eliminates unpleasant of rhinitis symptoms, it acts solely on the initial stage of the disease. And then it can only do harm.

And yet we must be very careful to blow your nose - gently, without much effort and super efforts. And especially if the swelling in the nose and he was "not breathing."

And what is important is the inadmissibility of the use of tissue handkerchief, to which we are accustomed from childhood. Ask any lore, and he will say: this scarf - perfect breeding ground for bacteria and prosperity. And when once again used the fabric in contact with a person, it is likely that the whole pathogenic "animals" is sent back - in the nose. Doctors are advised to use paper analogs wherein once.

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