Restore cartilage in the joints

human health, all the organs and systems of the body depends largely on how and what he eats. And the joints - is no exception. They are also affected by a steady diet and lifestyle of the individual as a whole.

Meals can strengthen our joints or, on the contrary, to destroy them. Of course, in addition to food, the condition of the articular cartilage tissues affected by heredity, as well as the ecological state of the environment in the place of our residence. But with these factors, we can not do anything (especially with hereditary predisposition), but with the diet - can.

What products should be required to include in their menu on a regular basis, in order to preserve, and even restore (to a certain extent, of course), the cartilage in the joints? Let's investigate.

Strengthen, protect and promote the return of articular mobility of the following foods:

1. Products containing gelatine

The use of gelatin for the joints is the high content of amino acids that serve as building blocks for the synthesis of bone collagen protein, cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Very helpful in this regard, aspic, jelly, homemade soups, and agar-agar. Agar - a gelatin substitute vegetable origin, derived from brown and red algae, it is a source of the same collagen, so necessary for cartilage regeneration. Collagen also has a beneficial effect on human skin, his hair, his nails.

2. apples

Being a fresh (new crop), these fruits are delivered in the human body a lot of nutrients, one of which is collagen - the main component of any cartilage. Do you want to ensure the regeneration of articular tissues? Eat 2-3 apples a day. This will help.

3. cucumbers

Assimilating silicon, which in large numbers contained in the cucumber, our body gets the necessary for metabolism element involved in formation of connective tissue and increases the strength of joints. Deficiency of silicon, is often seen in elderly people, a negative impact on the levels of collagen, reduces it.

4. bananas

In the composition of this fruit apparently high content of potassium, which is a chemical element, is deeply involved in the restoration of the cartilaginous tissue and synovial fluid replenishment. "Banana" potassium perfectly assimilated, and its surplus go out of our body's natural way without any problems.

5. citrus fruits

All citrus fruit - it is an invaluable natural source of ascorbic acid, which is actively involved in the regulation of the power of joint tissues. The more citrus person eats, the more nutrients it enters the tissue. By the way, is rich in ascorbic acid, rosehips, which can be replaced by tea, taking care of the reduction processes in the joints.

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