Scientifically proven: hair coloring contributes to the development of cancer

More recently, The Times published on the pages of a sensational study conducted by British scientists. It turned out, the emergence and development of some oncological diseases is directly related to hair coloring, more precisely, with the frequency of this staining.

Researchers have convincingly proved that synthetic dyes are designed for hair that adversely affect human health. And in this they were supported by doctors from the Princess Grace Hospital, analyzed the medical history of their patients suffering from breast cancer. As a result of the analysis of the doctor found that the risk of this cancer is much higher (14%) of those women who dyed their hair once every two months or more.

The danger posed by a seemingly harmless cosmetic procedures due to the presence in the composition of dyes used toxic components. Getting into the human body through the epithelium of the scalp, toxic substances are deposited and then accumulate, causing irreparable harm to women's health.

Earlier, in a number of research scientists has found an association between breast cancer and breastfeeding.

During experiments, it was well established that breastfeeding significantly reduces the risk of developing such cancer, and is excellent prevention of serious diseases such as breast.

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