Cholesterol polyp of the gallbladder

Cholesterol polyp of the gallbladder - a particular tumor in the human body, consisting of cholesterol with calcified inclusions. This polyp is localized to the walls of the bladder and violates his work.

Up to a certain point the development of cholesterol polyps are asymptomatic. Because of this, it is quite late notice. And it has to do not only with himself (and often reached respectable size), but the complications that it has caused.

Causes of

By the formation of cholesterol lead polyp:

- alimentary obesity;

- metabolic disease;

- hypercholesterolemia (hereditary);

- lack of physical activity;

- problems with the heart and blood vessels;

- chronic cholecystitis;

- bad habits;

- pathology of thyroid function with a decrease in the latter;

- congenital malformations of the gallbladder.

Clinical manifestations

Cholesterol polyp says about himself:

- pain in the right upper quadrant;

- bitterness in the mouth and bile regurgitation;

- constant nausea, possible vomiting, diarrhea with admixture of fat in the feces;

- pruritus, jaundice of palms, sclera;

- dark urine and pale feces;

- heartburn (often), a sense of fullness.

Patients with cholesterol polyps (including giant) should be followed up by a gastroenterologist or a local therapist.


If cholesterol polyp is diagnosed, the patient needs a specific treatment.

If your polyp / polyps of small size will be sufficient to comply with a special diet and is constantly observed by a doctor. When polyps medium, large or giant size shown either conservative treatment or surgery.

If medical treatment will be discharged in tools to improve the quality of bile. Also ursodeoxycholic acid preparations:

- reducing the absorption of bile acids;

- and reduce their cholesterol saturation;

- preventing bile stasis.

Additionally, patients are assigned analgesics and anti-bacterial drugs, and cholagogue digestive enzymes statins.

As for the surgical intervention, the cholesterol polyps often impossible to remove, as they grow in the gallbladder wall. But if the removal of tumors surgically may apply:

- cholecystectomy;

- holetsistolitotomiyu preserving gall;

- lithotripsy.

- a pin litholysis.

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