7 little things that greatly simplify your life

Little life hacking on every day that will change your life.

To live it became easier, sometimes it is enough to change only one item in it. For example, to find their best time for awakening. If you need to get up at about 6 o'clock in the morning - and it is given every day very hard, try to have the alarm for 5:55 or 6:05, 5:50 or 6:10.

Every day try a new time, until you find the optimal, in which you will be the easiest to wake up. So you "grope" their REM sleep - during her awakening will be easier, and you will be awake and sleep, even if you have to get up even earlier than usual.

Here are a few small things, the implementation of which can make your life easier.

1. In after hours place the phone in flight mode

Often we unconsciously pull out a smartphone: it seems like to look at the time, eventually opened the mail, and then the social network, and from there have followed a link - and you're sitting for half an hour on the phone, although there is nothing standing there really is not, and all around you - there is. If your phone will be in flight mode, then hang it unconsciously not work: you will have to decide why you translate it in normal mode, and you want to get from this. So the risk of spending time in vain to decline significantly.

2. Get yourself an alarm clock

The alarm clock that is built into the smartphone, you can easily move on or off for half an hour without waking up. As a result, you are repeatedly gets up later than necessary. Buy an alarm clock and put it at a distance, it was necessary to get up to turn it off. Once you get up, more than likely you prefer the planned works.

Hang around the alarm motivating picture: for example, the view of the tropical island, which you went to rest as soon accumulate vacation - and that will encourage you to actively gather work.

3. Keep a water bottle in a prominent place

If you work at a desk - it directly on the table, but in a closed form and at a safe distance from the computer. The bottle will encourage you to drink more water, and clearly show what part of the daily value you've had a drink. If there is no water in sight - more likely it is that you go out for coffee or tea, but they are not as useful as pure drinking water. The more you drink - the more often have to get up in the toilet. And this is a great chance to warm up, stretch and give your eyes some rest.

4. Record the wishes of your loved ones

Often there are times when we do not know what to give for a birthday or other celebration even to their closest friends and relatives. If at the right time does not come to mind, learn to write in advance. Surely your loved ones occasionally say something that they would like to. Someone needs a new mattress, someone dreams about a new handbag, and someone - on the underwear, who is interested in coffee makers, but still can not choose, and who had heard about the excellent electric toothbrush, but somehow not to her.

People constantly talk about what they would like to buy, what events to visit - important to listen carefully to them. Immediately write down, so you do not puzzle over a gift. Often this is not something large and expensive, but very welcome. And people will be pleasantly surprised that you remember his desire.

5. Keep a to-do list at the end of the working day

So you do not have to start the next day with the setting of priorities and take the time to remember what you should have done in the first place. The plan may be adjusted because of the circumstances, but it will help you much more quickly enter into a working rhythm, not to dive into the infinite reading spam, social networks ribbon, coffee breaks, etc.

6. Set goals - keep a diary of results

If the results are not recorded, but only in your head, then reach the desired goal much more difficult. Decided to lose weight? Make it a rule once a week to record the weight and volume, keep a food diary, even if present in the diet failures and abuses. Only honest admission and fixation of these facts will help to avoid their repetition in the future.

The same is true of attempts to quit smoking, drinking, or stop eating sweets. You do not want to keep a diary of their experiences and achievements - download a program that will compliment you for each new day without bad habits and motivate to continue a healthy lifestyle.

If you exercise - accounting of the results and achievements is also needed to motivate yourself, analyze the load and efficiency. Learn a foreign language - regularly fix the directions in which progress that the new learned. In writing your achievements, the work done is much clearer, so it is possible to objectively assess whether you are closer to the goal.

7. Put a limit on the use of social networks

Special app will remind you that it is time to come back from the virtual world into the real. You can justify that just want to learn the news or do something at work. But each activity has its own time limit. Often, accessing the internet on business, we switch between the links, photos, sprayed on the little things that take our time, but it did not give back. And learn the news is still the best of the two or three respected publications.

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