You lie: clear signs

Of course, all the people from time to time lie (with rare exception) - someone deliberately and someone accidentally. But the lie (any) often leads to tragic consequences, even when it is - good. So each person is useful to be able to recognize the lies and deceitful people, so as not to get into their network and not to suffer.

But how do you know who is lying, let's deal.

Features speech liar

Psychologists believe that the liar can learn even talking to him on the phone.

His conversation contains a number of features:

1. It has a lot of details

If the description of something too many details and details, it is often a sure sign of fraud. To check must be constantly asked to repeat a speech, while the liar confused information.

2. Justification through word

As soon as the conversation turns constantly on admission of guilt and shame, should be wary: the person is ready at this point to outright lies.

3. Avoiding specifics in topic

It is not that a lie. Rather, the default, which, by the way, sometimes it is worse than outright lies. Stop - if the person does not want to talk, do not force him to lie with my questions. Find a way different to know what you are interested in.

4. Many words- "parasites"

If some person is constantly "jump" in the speech of extra words (they are called "parasites"), most likely, he's lying or going about to lie. Especially if before the man spoke without any "frills."

5. Followed by constant assurances of reliability

Well, everything is simple! Deceiver not sure in the success of their own lies and begins to prove its authenticity. And often much too hard.

Other signs of a liar (for internal communication)

In a personal conversation with a liar tell who is in front of you, may the speaker gestures, their character. A clear sign of lying about can be considered a lack of gestures, its inconsistency with respect to speech, etc.

If a person is too mobile, when he speaks, he is also, as a rule, is deceiving. However, this does not apply to too emotional people.

Coma that liars often include "idiot mode" - see nothing, hear. Many start agressivnichat (and unnatural), seeking to turn the conversation in a comfortable direction.

Liar is also capable of demonstrative "dive" into the work, deliberately turning away to the monitor computer, fill out paper, etc. - in general, to do anything, just do not respond to the above question.

And in conclusion...

It should be noted that the above features work is not in all cases. Before someone to blame, not hurt to find out exactly everything. Oh, and if everything is clear, then, as the saying goes, "once lied ...".

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