What to do with children at home in bad weather

So it is the season of colds and colds as children spend a lot of time at home. Than to fill them?

Some children do well with the role of "self-employed": read books, Collect the designer to play with dolls and did not need the help of adults. But often the child requires you to actively participate in his spare time. Here are a few options for how to entertain him.

Avenue of stars

You probably know that there is the Avenue of Stars, where celebrities leave their imprints in the US. Encourage your child to create a mall and in your home. To do this you need finger paints and blank sheets of paper. Hands (optional - feet) of the child must be covered with paint, and then it leaves marks on paper - and you and draw a star and nice sign-name name and the date. You can name aliases, and experiment with the following - then you can make a really whole avenue.

order Organizer

Give your child the unique opportunity to organize the storage of items in the selected part of the cabinet. Usually this game is very much like girls, especially if they are given an empty box from under the shoe, which can paint yourself, sign and put things back in its sole discretion.

draw the outline of

On paper, you can trace not only the outline of the hands or feet - but almost all subjects: puzzles, spoons, cups, toys. At the same time, you can learn geometric shapes, or play a guessing game. For example, the child looks around on the paper path of any object, and the parent guess what it was.

Role-playing games

According to psychologists, this role-playing games - the best tool for the development of preschool intelligence. It is best to play in situations that occur in life: for example, in kindergarten, going to the doctor or restaurant, school, bus driver, etc. The main thing in this game, of course, must be child. So he learns to behave in real everyday situations, it feels more mature and meaningful.

Hair and makeup

The laziest game for moms and dads who will only give their heads for children's creativity. Give your child rezinochki, barrettes, comb and makeup, which is not a pity. Such games, by the way, are addicted not only girls, so do not succumb to stereotypes. When finished with the hair and makeup - you can go to the wardrobe: Let your child make up for your outfit of the things in your closet.

sign Language

Learn basic with child sign language. This is a useful skill that can come in handy in everyday life and to him and to you. Children usually quickly memorize new information, gestures, for them it is an unusual and interesting experience.

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