Gale of "Twist of Fate"

Without painting Eldar Ryazanov, "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!" For more than forty years, no cost, no one New Year's Eve.

Generation of viewers who have grown up on the excellent Soviet films, with pleasure reviewing your favorite tape over and over again experiencing adventure story Lukashin Eugene and sympathy nice girl Galya, which on the eve of holidays left favorite human.

Olga Naumenko, who performed the role, admits that her fate has something like a history of Gali.

Alexander Skvortsov, in which the actress was in love, too, for a long time did not dare to responsible step.

They met in the early 70-ies of the last century. But only in 1977 a young man made the girl a marriage proposal.

As the actress recalls 30 years of marriage was all: the periods of absolute happiness, small quarrels and major scandals. But every time the couple found a word of consolation and reconciliation.

As encouragement and support for each other, the couple were able to survive the tragedy: a year after the birth, they have lost the eldest daughter Shura.

Olga for a long time did not dare to give birth to another child. But heaven blessed the married couple on the appearance of a second daughter Svetlana. Doctors urged a woman to terminate her pregnancy, but she flatly refused. The girl was born in 1990 completely healthy when the actress was over 40.

Over the next 2-decades Naumenko was totally happy: loved and loving man there, an interesting job, a wonderful daughter. What else a woman needs for the fullness of life?!

But suddenly the sound of thunder. It turned out that her husband, the actress cancer in fourth stage inoperable. In 2009, Olga became a widow. It is very hard going through care of a loved one, but because of tight employment in theater and filming in the movie was able to cope with grief and depression. Support for loved ones too full impact.

Currently, the actress is not married, though around it is willing to brighten up the loneliness. As recognized by the woman herself, she was still attractive to men, but they do not like it.

Olga in great shape, looks wonderful, optimistic thinking about the future. It still demanded the actress participated in theater and in films.

And yet the woman is very dreams of grandchildren. Her daughter Svetlana married to a Frenchman. For some time the couple lived in a suburb of Paris, but is now settled in Moscow. Olga hopes that soon will be called grandma.

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