Grudnichka menu for months: that to give the baby at 8 months

The child grows, and with it the changing tastes, as you expand its menu. It's time to introduce your baby with egg, fish, new species of meat, dairy products. All gradually! And, yes, keep a food diary!

the emergence of new meals in the children's diet - this is a crucial stage in a child's life and... his parents. Many questions arise: "What can you give your baby at 8 months?", "What if he is not fishing lure like, or worse, a sudden allergy occur? "," cook yourself or buy baby food jar? ".

The excitement of parents is understandable, because if each meal with tears and persuasion, all the stories about the happy a child that is so easy to organize, if you really love a child seem a mockery of your reality... Let's be honest: I do not always and not everything is solved with love. Here, for example, the introduction of complementary foods need to come up with enough basic knowledge about how this is done and why.

Menu grudnichka in 8 months

  • Breastfeeding on demand
  • Yolk quail egg
  • Meat sauce (rabbit and turkey) 5-30 g
  • Potatoes
  • Curd 5-30 g
  • Fruit pulp (apple, pear)

Menu-bottle-baby in 8 months

  • Adapted milk formula 2-3
  • Mashed fish (fish - sea, lean) 5-30 g
  • Mashed meat (beef) 30-50 g
  • Fruit puree (exotic fruits, do not use)
  • Crackers
  • Baby biscuits

Especially the introduction of meat in 8 months

Depending on where you started, and increase the "number of the meat." If you enter the meat in 7 months, 8 months old baby can already get 50 grams of rabbit or turkey. Crumb-bottle-try the veal.

Especially the introduction of new fruit in 8 months

Many Ukrainian mother literally from fanateyut bananas. They are trying to give it to children as early as 5 months, on a par with domestic apples and pears. But pediatricians insist on start in 8-9 months. Before this age the baby's digestive system is still not yet ready to digest that amount of fiber and starch, which is contained in a banana, and serotonin, albeit very few kids, can cause allergic reaction.

With other exotic (pineapple, mango, kiwi) It is better not to hurry, especially if the crumb at risk for allergies.

Start your acquaintance with fruit is recommended to green varieties of apples and pears (They have less pigment, and thus better response of the body).

Then enter the banana, then you can give it a try prunes, apricots, peaches (Fresh and not in the form of dried fruits) berries (Currants, gooseberries, cherries, blueberries, raspberries). With citrus and strawberry is best to wait a little.

How to enter the fruit? First give ½ teaspoon, preferably in the morning or in the morning. Gradually increase the dose to 50-80 grams per day. Let's take the same fruit is 4-5 days to make sure: no allergies and indigestion. If there are any problems, cancel yummy. Later, try to give baked or slightly podvarenny fruit. Between the introduction of different fruits make a break for 2-3 days.

A trip to the holiday coincided with the timing of the introduction of complementary foods - what to do? It all depends on the duration of the trip. They broke out of town for 2 weeks? Do not type anything new - rest. If you have gone for 3-4 weeks and pipsqueak ready for the bullseye or pear, and you are also assured of their quality and you really do not wait, give a try after 2 weeks after his arrival, when baby is already adapted. The same can be said of the berries. Do not try to feed the baby immediately strawberries, raspberries and currants. You hurry up and get a crumb of pleasure instead of an allergy or indigestion.

grudnichka menu for months: that giving a child 8 months /

Dairy products in 8 months

  1. If buying industrial infant products, carefully study the label: in the composition should not be any unnecessary thickeners, artificial and natural identical flavorings, preservatives, colorings, all kinds of smaller regulators acidity and sugar.
  2. You can make and cottage cheese, and yogurt at home. All good at it in the usual household yogurt using a sourdough (sold in the pharmacy). To diversify the taste, offer the baby the same products with the addition of crushed berries and fruits. Many kids with pleasure eat dairy products, offer your child only a special children's yogurt, cottage cheese or yogurt, they balanced amount of fats and carbohydrates. Mother should remember that cottage cheese is very difficult to digest small stomach because of the large protein content, so it is important to follow the advice of pediatricians and not give cottage cheese with berries for dessert - it's a full-fledged single dish!
  3. That the child was not with the appetite and health problems in the future, never feed him forcibly. Do not force him to eat solid foods, unless he wants to. Give 8-10 times try (1 teaspoon per day), and then, when there is interest in the dish, offer small portion. Crumbs need to learn to take food from a spoon and move it in the mouth: sometimes it looks as if he does not like. Do not cram. Give your child a chance to practice, rasprobovat, love.

Menu child in 8 months

We offer you a detailed menu with an estimated mode of the day the child is 8 months.

grudnichka menu for months: that giving a child 8 months / open sources

Menu at a time when the main lure is already entered and the child acquainted with the products and normally they digest. In any case, the proposed menu - not the ultimate truth, but only the "guiding star", which we hope will help you create the right menu for your baby.

  • The table in the first column is the meal (breakfast, lunch, etc.).
  • In the second column - about the menu. Sometimes indicated several menu options. Porridge and mashed potatoes, use the appropriate age your baby.
  • The third column shows the approximate maximum and minimum amount of food that a child should eat per meal.

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