That will transform our problem skin in perfect

We miss the moment that each of us dreams of a clean, beautiful and elastic skin, etc. etc.

Many resources are advised to such a chain of procedures: Cleansing - toning - moisturizing - and evening meals restoration - special care.

That's all well and good. Only the above chain of actions - is to support already healthy skin, but does not make the steps of problem skin perfect!

Problem skin - a loose concept. This can be: acne, seborrhea, and even subcutaneous mite.

Facial skin - an indicator of problems within the body, and often problematic skin - these are the problems with the stomach, liver, intestines, poor diet, frequent abuse of tobacco and alcohol, the presence of parasites. Each all individually: there may be serious problems with the body, but can - just hormonal failure.

Of course, for skin in need of care, but scrubs and creams do not help us, if there are complications in the skin.

It turns our skin from the problem in an ideal - a hike to the dermatologist!

Dermatologists prescribe special prescription ointments and lotions that will produce for you specially in the pharmacy. Smells like it, of course, is not very nice (calendula, tarragon), but it really helps.

Yes, and it's cheaper than to buy a luxury series of cosmetics Clarins or Clinique (but the brand I personally respect).

So remember: the way to a perfect skin begins to treat it. Do not be lazy to go to a dermatologist.

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