It is important in rejuvenating means: What are the components of vitamin C is not friendly

Vitamin C is very good rejuvenator, it is also a powerful antioxidant, which does not give a reason UV-expose your skin photoaging. And as for the promotion of their collagen synthesis, improving turgor and can not speak - it knows almost everything.

But vitamin C is still the inadequate: with some components of it will not work properly with some even frantic, it then it is clear when the normal skin becomes scaly beet madness, which can be confused with "outlasted in solarium ". And with some of the components, on the contrary, could be so overdone that there is irritation, ie, in all its glory the principle of "wanted the best, but it turned out as always."

Now in the care it has become fashionable to mix creams / masks / ointments with different sera, sera with sera, etc. The culprit of this mode for the most part became Canadian brand of The Ordinary: they started delivering cheap serum on the market, with a minimum of staff, but the focus goes to the high concentration of active component. That is, for example, are interested in hyaluronic acid - buy whey to her, but without komponentov- "conductors" in the skin. But such a serum is mixed with a conventional mask or moisturizer.

And off we go alchemy of beauty with these sera and the results have been some sad. Others - no changes. In the third - the result, but the serum only had a modest part of the comprehensive care.

Problems appeared with experiments in mixing of cosmetics, has created the current topic: which components not coexist with each other, and which - on the contrary, form strong and useful to the organism tandem. Today let's talk only about vitamin C.

Not friendly vitamin C with the following components:

1. retinol. They are leaders in the rejuvenation, but the work (and in life) leaders do not get along with each other. They work better in shifts: morning, let it work with the skin of vitamin C, and in the evening - retinol. Otherwise, the pair can cause irritation to sensitive skin.

If you do not have sensitive skin, the tandem of "vitamin C + retinol" bring fewer benefits than work on individual components. Do not believe me - ask any sensible dermatologist who else do you explain that the two components are qualitatively They operate in different environments: for qualitative work requires vitamin C medium with a pH level of no higher than 3.5, and retinol - pH 5-6.

Of course there are exceptions. For example, funds from the non-acidic forms of vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), have pH 7 with retinol and operate efficiently. Or such agents where there is a retinol in microcapsules and released after the operation of vitamin C. But such exceptions nasty blow to the pocket, in the same Sesderma Serum with a burst of retinol and vitamin C are not less than 3000 rubles.

2. citric acid. This is the hardcore and the fastest way to get irritated. Yes, yes, someone comes to a head moisturizer with citric acid (a part of should be citric acid) mixed with vitamin C.

3. vitamin B3 (Aka - niacinamide). Because of their tandem appears irritation, and somehow blame the vitamin C. When in fact, guilty of vitamin B3, which "extinguishes" the work of vitamin C. Dermatologist's largest medical complex Mount Sinai Hospital Joshua Zayhner advised to postpone these two components away from each other to care for, use on different days of the week.

4. AHA-acids. With the tandem of vitamin C quickly fails. Skin damage is not inflict, except to your wallet for a means in which one of the important components simply will not work.

5. copper peptides. Both components are good in anti-aging care, both to improve the production of collagen. But together, they cancel each other out, alas.

I think, to remember this conflict five components will not be difficult. As is the fact that vitamin C is great friends with vitamin E and ferulic acid. Vitamin E moisturizes and he Vitamin C helps fight free radicals. A ferulic enhances many times the beneficial properties of vitamin C, making it more stable in operation and protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

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