Art to save money: the most common mistakes

Never too late to change your storage strategy to gain faster, longer and without prejudice to the quality of life

Putting off what remains

you spend salary on entertainment, communal, etc., and then all that remains is, you are sending to an account in the bank. You can not put a specific target on the accumulation, because you do not know how much will be left after all of expenses.

And what do you want?

The first thing you need to pay after wages - this is your savings account. Make it your rule!

Transfer money to a savings account

You save money, and that's great! Yes, and a savings account with plastic cards - it is very convenient. But there are some downsides.

But if you run out of money, you will be able to withdraw their savings and even spend it on anything.

And what do you want?

Open a bank deposit for six months or a year. So you will not spend money for storage.

Art to save money: the most common mistakes /

Putting off large sums

There are people who do not save money on a regular basis, and keep large sums at once, when they do. But when the unhappy times, you have to take money out of their savings.

And what do you want?

Set a goal to accumulate and strive for it. Identify a specific amount of money you need to save each month. If you feel that you can increase this amount, do it!

But try to put off consistently and equally.

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