Do expressive eye make-up for the New Year (+ fotoinstruktsiya)

Everything will turn out beautiful and bright as the need to meet the Year of the Yellow Earth Pigs.

Step 1. Apply foundation or base on the eyelids. Very thin layer. It is necessary that throughout the New Year's Eve we did not roll up makeup (whether the night will have little go to the tree, then a visit, then again a walk, changes in temperature, our make-up is not without base stand).

step 2. Anchoring foundation (or base) beige shades. And can be powdered.

step 3. Brush with natural bristles recruit black shadows, we derive a line from the lower eyelid to the temple and emphasize the outer corner.

step 4. Join in the "triangle" the black line on the upper eyelid with a line on the lower eyelid.

step 5. Shaded line of black eye shadow on the lower and upper eyelid light brown or greyish-beige shades.

step 6. On the corner of the eye, apply silver shadow, and in the middle of the eye - the same shade of silver, but darker than the inner corner of the eye. Shaded brush gently and accurately the boundary between black and silver shades.

step 7. The area under the eyebrow can be illuminated, for this, use a matte shadow (on the lighter shade of skin color).

step 8. Mucous stain black gel eyeliner or pencil.

step 9. Eyelashes were stained in two layers.

Everything is ready, now you can celebrate the New Year beautiful, bright and expressive ;-)

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