Means no more than 500 rubles

Let you gather today beautician from scratch, choosing to start only the most basic and necessary.

Since it is necessary to immediately will buy some assets, limited by budget, every means must not exceed the amount of 500 rubles.

Here we go?

Mascara EVA mosaic HI TECH

Well where without mascara, beautiful eyelashes - this is the basis, we are changed immediately, as soon as we make up them.

Generally on the stand with cosmetics EVA mosaic You can find a lot of interesting things for your cosmetics, including this mascara.

This mascara is not so zamylit our eyes, the more popular, but the quality of it will surpass many of mascara!

Mascara perfectly separates lashes, leaving them unpleasant lumps, she is very convenient brush.

Well lengthens lashes, giving your eyes a deeper look.

Price: 260 rubles.

Concealer Vivienne sabo Ton Constance

vivienne sabo also has at its disposal some excellent tools and even hits! Cream Ton Constance It has a pleasant texture, easy to spread on the skin, with the application process does not happen any problems.

The coating is obtained without the effect of the mask, matte finish. Good covers skin imperfections.

So turn your attention to this foundation, potestit it in the store!

Price: 350 rubles.

Essence Blush Silky touch blush

These rouge have a pleasant silky texture, painted them a pleasure! Excellent pigmentation, apply should be quite a bit of money on your cheeks sparkle with fresh and healthy glow!

Rouge satin, give a slight glow, but it is very delicate, no large sequins.

Price: 200 rubles.

Eyeshadow Catrice Velvet Matt Eyeshadow

These odnushki from Catrice very good buy for your beautician. They are very well pigmented, have a nice texture. Texture they have no chalk, like many cheap shades, such as velvet. You it definitely will like, be sure to try it!

The palette pleasing wearable colors, you can choose yourself a couple without any problems.

Price: 240 rubles.

Lipstick Gosh Velvet touch MATT

Gosh Velvet Lipstick a worthy representative of matte lipstick, she had a very nice finish. It is not a dull matte, so it is more velvet, as we and the title says.

In a cool palette of lipsticks to suit every taste, here you will find a gentle and Nude and deep wine. Pigmentation is excellent, both in principle and perseverance.

Price: 415 rubles.

Lipstick Seventeen Lipstick Special

Fans creamy texture lipsticks appreciate Seventeen Lipstick Special .

Seventeen can boast a wide range of colors to suit every taste.

Lipstick incredibly pleasant to apply and wear, good moisturize lips, no stickiness and tightness.

Price: 300 rubles.

Here's a makeup we are gathered today, will soon be required to follow-up, subscribe to not miss! We will be very pleased to get to you Like, so we understand that you are waiting for the continuation!

A here you can read about cosmetic products that are not worse and suites are not worth the 500 rubles! See you soon)

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