No worse suites: budget finds cosmetics

Budget Cosmetics in 2018 - it is something more than just cheap cosmetics. Not all, of course, but look great discovery is possible. Yes these findings that will have a very pleasing quality and warm the hearts of its price.

You can invest in an expensive skin care and makeup products are allowed to be the budget.

In fact, many women find that luxury cosmetics suddenly save them from any problems and will be a panacea, languid sigh about it, giving it the image of the ideal. In fact, success and failures happen everywhere - in the suite and in the mass market, so do not think that the mascara for 2500 rubles a sudden you give these eyelashes that clap and take off!

We offer you a selection of budget cosmetics, where the quality is clearly higher than the price.

Concealer ART-VISAGE "Miracle Touch"

Price: from 149 rubles

If you often do not get enough sleep or have a facial structure that bruises under his eyes are peculiar to you - you will help concealer!

Concealer needs to mask bruises under his eyes, the face of small errors, such as not greater redness, rosacea.

ART-VISAGE "Miracle Touch" Available in three shades: concealer for belosnezhek number 101, the average color number 102, and for dark-skinned - number 103.

It perfectly covers flaws, the main pre-moisturize the skin well!

Perfectly blends with your skin, if the right to choose the color, has good resistance and immediately transforms the face.

Eyeshadow NYX Nude Matte Shadow

Price: from 390 rubles

The palette of odnushek presented very interesting and actual colors, you can pick out for every taste!

In the shadows a pleasant silky texture, despite the fact that they are opaque - no pylyat completely.

pigmentation Nude Matte Shadow just on top!

Do not forget about the base for the shadows - the shadows so

  • longer hold out;
  • will hit the better;
  • qualitative tushuyutsya.

Pencils for lips Maybelline Gigi Hadid

Price: from 360 rubles

If you are a lover of lip liner, you should not pass these on Maybelline.

They have a very good nyudovaya palette, which can achieve such beautiful lips with instagram style.

Gigi Hadid - the extremely popular American model, the angel of Victoria's Secret, face multiple lines of Tom Ford.

These pencils - the fruits are not the only way, collaboration Gigi and Maybelline.

A distinctive feature of the pencil - their beautiful palette and high durability, which is clearly above average.

gigi Hadid
gigi Hadid

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