When solid foods should be postponed

When to introduce solid foods - a question that interests absolutely all parents of young children. There are basic signs of readiness - after 5 months, the first tooth, food interest. But when to postpone the lure?

Opinions about feeding - the sea! Grandmother persuaded that from the month of infants needed juice. Of friends someone accustomed to the porridge crumbs from the fourth month, and someone was waiting for the appearance of the first tooth. But what to say, because even the doctors are guided by very different recommendations: someone advises not to introduce solid foods before six months, someone - in 4-5 months. How to understand all the intricacies?

What is the lure

Lure - it is always and only additional food to the main. WHO states that breast milk should be the main power supply to a year. If crumb on artificial feeding, adapted milk formula also should not too quickly supplanted lure. Dense foods can be a substitute for breast milk or formula only after a year.
Lure call any of the products of domestic or industrial preparation intended for the gradual transfer of the baby on the conventional family diet. WHO gives it this definition: "any products containing nutrients or liquids to supplement breast milk in the period from 6 to 12 months."

Transition to lure

Thus, all the mashed potatoes, porridge and special jars of delicious contents will be in your home for a short while: exactly as how long it takes to growing and developing the crumbs to get used to eating from the common table.
Next (ideally) the entire period of early childhood nutrition to the family table for the child should be as dietary and useful, while repeating in general all the family menu.

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The successful start of feeding

Be patient, flexible and inspiration to gradually accustom the baby to adult food. And read our magazine we tell how it should maintain a positive attitude to food crumbs and how to appropriately strengthen their health with the introduction of new and useful products.

When to introduce solid foods are not worth it?

These symptoms do not always show willingness to complementary feeding baby

  1. First tooth. First teeth may appear in a child, and in 3-4 months, and 9-11. Rarely a modern child adheres to a strict timetable on this issue.
  2. Crumbs 3-5 months. Despite the fact that in some countries, doctors are allowed to lure crumb already since four months, it six-month age recommended by the World Health Organization as the minimum for the beginning of the administration and beverages solid food.
  3. The child does not have enough breast milk - weight performance and growth are not correct. If the attempt to increase the amount of milk and the struggle for weight gain were not successful, then up to 6 months in the lure not introduced as supplementary feeding, and adapted milk formula.
  4. Came active teething stage, pipsqueak naughty, crying, temperatures have been inoculated.
  5. Family with baby traveling, often moving from place to place, it has recently changed its place of residence.
  6. Scarce accustomed to changes in the family: my mother went to work in the house there was a nurse.
  7. The first sample feeding products gave a negative reaction (Appeared diarrhea, skin rash, etc.).

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