Lure: how to teach a child to vegetables and fish

Your child is reluctant to eat vegetables and fish dishes? Even from the salad and canned peas refuses, much of the fish cakes immediately turns away. What to offer him?

Oftenfood child's preferences are formed much later, maybe the baby really was not identified, and he does not like fish. Offer more and more, the proposal creates demand. But there are other parents masking tricks useful to the favorite.

How to teach a child to eat vegetables and fish /

Your concerns on to the fact that the child will never love or vegetables will not have such useful for the fish brain - in vain. In contrast, digestion becomes accustomed to operate normally, eat the right foods, if you are going to set an example of proper nutrition. Add to pancakes slices of pumpkin and zucchini. Do not forget about the fish in the meat patties, meatballs. Add the fish in a little bit. But the child does not notice and willingly eat useful.

Stealth feed fish and vegetables

  • Vegetables can be combined with meat dishes, baked potatoes, rice.
  • Prepare vegetable soups with croutons. Vinaigrette do not salt, and add to it a little more pickles.
  • From fish cakes, causing a rejection of the need to take time off.
  • Try to cook fish meatballs, both in kindergartens and sanatoriums. Many children do not like too sharp fishy odor.

Lure: how to teach a child to vegetables and fish /

  • Wipe the skin and abdomen fish cloth moistened with vinegar or lemon juice. The cooked minced 400 grams fish fillets, add the egg, soaked in water and slices of bread lightly fried onions. All this miss twice through a meat grinder been for- zapaniruyte and beads weighing approximately 70 g, and then bake them in an oven at 200 ° C for 10 minutes. Finished meatballs pour cream sauce and leave the oven for another 45 minutes at 180 °. Sprinkle with dill and parsley.
  • Think of the elegant serving dishes, especially if the baby refuses to eat something. Scenes from fairy tales and cartoon characters will cause his interest!

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