About mysterious smelly hair


Hello! I work as a doctor for 21 years. My name is George O. Sapego. This article will tell you about the way journalists translate Latin.

Remember the story about the guy who translated the women's magazine? I promised to check out what he was still writing. The guy writes about gazhdety and information technology. But can not he, poor fellow, resist not to wrap something about health. In general, I caught his gem. That it would be better not to find. The rarity of this published article on the causes of hair loss. There is a point about the types of baldness, which reads as follows: telogen effluvium

Familiar phrase? Well telogen - it's about the hair.

A miasma?


Once in the Middle Ages called the miasma of pathogenic principle, which extends from something dirty and rotting, attack people and cause the disease.

About germs did not know, I understand that there is some kind of infection. Then, even about the mice, it seems, we thought that they originate in the dirty laundry. The magic of this and magic.

Since then, the miasma name that stands out from the dirt or as a result of decay. Eventually, it became a any putrid odor.

In our case, it was about alopecia. So where are the stink?

Latin mother

Someone overwrite someone else's mistakes and places them in his article. It's quite common. Such borrowing is immediately noticeable. This low level of journalism.

Some savvy journalists are taken to translate English-language sources in information technology. They think that because the article becomes unique.

Our poor man (and here to me it is not sorry) Article Translations Hidden Causes of Hair Loss and I found a medical term telogen effluvium.

Well, you're a journalist, man! Well, get ready to meet the Latin medical text. Why do you need it translated gugloperevodom? Himself shame and head to fool us.

Do you know how in Google references to the exact phrase "telogen effluvium"?

Them 2100 for today. There's a bit of machine translation, but most of them - bredonostsy. Such a secret club pests. You can take this exact phrase in quotation marks and you will find a whole army geezer.

So what is this mysterious effluvium? Yes "baldness" he means. 😂 just in Latin.

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