Luxury at a price dinner in the restaurant: the replaced premium bags and shoes to look expensive

What can replace the luxury bag and where to find shoes that will be similar to the model of premium brands? In this post, I did not tell you about the latest trends of fashion weeks and do not give a recommendation to purchase. Instead, I want to share with you my findings models that can replace the suite.

Prices for luxury bags and shoes are approximate, but the cost of the spread to evaluate the difference with the mass-market.

Chloe handbags company one of the most popular in the European market. This brand is very often copy. However, I do not support the copy, so I suggest you an alternative. Inexpensive bag made of quality leather, replace the suite and will serve you more than one season.

Another similar model Chloe was found by me in the network of shops "Mango". Bag made in the same colors as the suite, but the price is very different)

Popular model bags Dior, released on the market season ago, is reflected in the collections of more democratic brands. You can buy a bag of the same structure, made of eco-leather with a black glossy finish, to feel the lady in Dior style.

Stylish bag in kolorblok style, made of dense "standing" of the skin, is found in the collections of many brands. If you do not want to overpay for the label, look for similar patterns in a more cost producers, but pay attention to the visual design and quality of the skin.

Additionally, I find you two options for replacing the pairs of luxury shoes that are sold in chain stores:

Mules, which became popular in the season before last, still keep the brand. Now cool options with an unusual heel (incidentally, this is the trend of the season spring-summer 2019) can be found in "Dawn". The pair will cost between four thousand rubles, while the cost of a similar shoe at luxury and premium brands start from twenty five thousand.

You want to wear shoes from Louboutin? Look closely at the trendy ankle boots with a blunt toe in white shade. Such models are represented in the collections of the brand Christian Loubutin spring-summer 2019, and very much like a pair of recently sold on the shelves of the store "Mango". Yes, in the Middle-segment you will not find a signature red sole Louboutin. But you can find a comfortable shoe, unusual visual design, and fashion a boil-and-white color of the skin, from which are made boots.

How often do you shop variations on the theme of the new collections from Fashion Weeks in various chain stores? whether notice of compliance? Share your opinion in the comments!

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