Frank letter to his ex-wife

Hello, Elena!

Until recently, I thought it was still possible to return, but now I realized that this is the end, and you will never be with me.

We have lived with you wonderful 10 years, you bore me a daughter, in which I have not the soul of tea and still can not get used to, that she was not there and we see each other only once a week.

When you and I first met, you were young and naive, I did not take you seriously, but I really enjoyed spending time with you. You glowed with happiness, being next to me and I was bribed.

In spite of a lot of girls around, with you I like to spend time more than the others. Fair.

But, I confess, I was not able to until the end to limit their contact with the female sex. Such a character.

Once we have learned about your pregnancy, I realized that from the marriage will not go away, and as a wife you were great: thoughtful, not lazy, was able to maintain the comfort and cleanliness.

When my daughter was born, the first months of euphoria, I could not believe that this tiny creature with you the result of our love.

Six months later, I began to realize that in addition to the euphoria and love from me it takes a lot of responsibility. I could not cope and understand that do not pull it all. Are you angry with me and made it clear in every way that I am a nonentity, you just can not provide.

Days passed, and weeks, and I, in order to relieve stress, communicate with their friends from the past life. They gave me the feeling that I'm a hero, well done and a good man. While coming home and seeing your eyes, I realized that I have no one to call me in any way.

My daughter grew up, went into the garden, and you come to work, making it easier for me thus life. I am in that moment finally became convinced of his worthlessness and losing all sense of what I'm doing - quit his job and began to search for yourself.

I was jealous of you, to work, to colleagues. We rarely saw each other, and I'm very confused and did not understand why we live together.

And then I met her, the woman who gave me faith in myself and gave me strength to go on. Thanks to her, I got a job, and the spirit soared. You did not recognize me and praised, albeit cautiously.

But, if you knew that it was the result of the love of another woman ...

After 2 years of our relationship, my second love gave me an ultimatum - either she or the family.

By this, I was not ready. After we initially agreed not to fall in love and live as they lived.

I wriggle as he could for another year, but it broke down and got in touch with you herself.

I saw your eyes, when you know all about it. I felt like a traitor and the most vile man on earth.

Realizing that I can lose you start to actively try to put everything back and adjust. But, on the ruins nothing to build. And, after a year of attempts, you're gone. Leaving me with my second love, which I did not like at all.

Now I understand that it is not your fault, but I do.

I was too weak and irresponsible and that in trying to find myself, I missed the most important - family. And, unfortunately, time has not come back. But I think of you, and understand with love and warmth, so that more women like you I did not meet.

Forgive me if you can.

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