5 products that help to reduce high blood pressure

With high pressure to be trifled with, this cardio - vascular problems, do not spare anyone. It is therefore very important for the portion of the pressure to see a doctor and begin treatment.

If the pressure is high is not strong, and the phenomenon is not frequent, it is not necessary to take medication, and you can do next to reduce blood pressure products. In more severe cases, the products, which will be discussed, can be taken in place of treatment is prescribed by a doctor.


This vegetable crop is considered to be the record for the reduction of blood pressure and all because this vegetable product contains large amounts of magnesium and calcium. Besides, it contains vitamin C, and 3-N-butyl-phthalide.

Collectively five elements relieve vascular spasms, of which the pressure is reduced.

To normalize the pressure, every day you need to drink half a glass of fresh celery juice for 14 days.

Gipotonikam celery should be taken with caution, not more than 2 beam in 2 - 3 days.


In addition to this vegetable potassium, also contains ascorbic acid. Together, the two elements do an excellent job with hypertension.

Beets are grown, many vacationers, and is not expensive, but the benefits of it on the vegetable market - is enormous.

In order to normalize the pressure, enough a day to drink two glasses of fresh juice. But gipotonikam from beet should be abandoned.


As part of the pomegranate are all useful elements (magnesium, potassium, vitamin C), which help to reduce blood pressure. Many people know that pomegranate juice is often recommended to people to drink after an operation or serious illness, as it reduces the pressure perfectly.

To reduce the pressure enough 50ml juice without sugar.

It is not recommended to drink pomegranate juice to people with low blood pressure.


Tea Party - is considered to be an integral part of our lives, but to reduce the blood pressure is recommended to drink green tea.

Hibiscus tea also helps reduce the pressure, but its effect is slightly weaker green tea. Black tea also increases the pressure on the contrary, so it is best to give it up.

To reduce the pressure, you need to regularly drink 1 - 2 cups good quality freshly brewed beverage. You can drink tea with chamomile, mint, calendula or thyme.


This root crop contains the beneficial agent - allicin, which acts on relaxing the vessels by expanding them. Therefore, people suffering from high blood pressure, you want to include garlic in your diet.

You need to use it with caution so as not to make a stomach ulcer. There can be at least in boiled, even in baked.

Information on the channel provided in the information and informational purposes only, not intended to be a reference and medical accuracy, is not a guide to action. Be sure to consult with a specialist.Do not self-medicate.
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