What happens if you blow on the thumb. The technique of the ancient East.

In the ancient Eastern medicine, you can find a lot of useful methods of coping with many ailments, without the use of drugs.

Eastern philosophy says that the mind and body are part of the universe, making up a single organism.

Perhaps many will be surprised, and who - it will treat this technique with suspicion, but the Chinese philosophers argue that if the blow to the thumb, it is possible to achieve composure.

This technique allows you to calm down, get rid of headaches, nervousness and irritability.

To fulfill the eastern techniques need to sit down on the bed or sofa to relax. Bring to face the thumb side of the nail and making a deep breath through your nose hold your breath for 5 seconds., Exhale through the mouth on a finger with all his strength. Repeat this exercise several times.

After his performance, just a feeling of relaxation, peace and ease of mind.

Why do I need to blow it on the thumb, the answer to this question, I have not found, but I think that it is not in the finger, and in the practice of breathing and perhaps in our subconscious. After all, many people remember as a child when hit with a finger, the parents blew on it, and all the pain was gone.

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