23 products that will disperse your metabolism and help you lose weight

If you, like I used to be, want to lose weight, we must radically revise its food. Enough to sit on a diet of tasteless! Add to your diet these products that will disperse and your metabolism to lose weight!


Just a terrific product accelerates metabolism. Drink one cup daily drink.


It helps to burn fats faster, stimulates digestion and increases resistance to disease. Drink every morning for 1 st. warm water with the addition of lemon juice.

Green tea

Effectively it acts on the fat, causing it to burn.

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lean turkey

The best source of animal protein, low in fat, burns calories, helps in building muscles.


Not only speed up the metabolism, but also to saturate the body with iodine, improve thyroid.


Eat it fresh, without additives, to accelerate metabolism.


Perfectly stimulates metabolism, saturates quickly, suppressing appetite, so often add it to the dish.


It contains a lot of vitamin C, fiber and carbohydrates that make metabolism faster.

bone broth

It accelerates metabolism, saturates the body minerals, protein, collagen, improves gastrointestinal tract and absorption of nutrients.


It contains few calories, which has a positive effect on metabolism. For greater efficiency it is recommended to be used together with ginger, cinnamon and spicy pepper.

Chia seeds

Are full of omega-3, protein and fiber, which is useful for the whole organism.


We are talking about dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70%. Such a product is well accelerates metabolism and improves brain and strengthens blood vessels.


Yes, it is a high-calorie, but not much to eat, because He just fills instantly. Also, this nut is saturated fatty acids, accelerate metabolism.


It contains a lot of fiber and protein, which increase metabolism and improve digestion.

Apple vinegar

In particular, the product is effective for accelerating the metabolism, if you use it with lemon juice, honey, hot pepper and cinnamon. Besides apple cider vinegar improves digestion and normalizes blood sugar.


At receipt of the spices in the body begins actively burning fat and reduced craving for sweets. The day is recommended to consume on a pinch of cinnamon.

coconut oil

Rich in fatty acids that are converted in the body into energy and accelerate metabolism.


Very tasty seasoning, which instantly boosts metabolism. Particularly effective ginger, turmeric and pepper.


Source of Omega-3 and protein, which is very good for metabolism. Also, this product relieves inflammation in the body and reduces the production of stress hormones.


Decreases insulin, vitamin C, and rich in fiber, strengthens the immune system.


If you eat a day enough water, you can speed up the metabolism by 30%! Every person needs to drink 30 ml of water per 1 kg of weight.


It accelerates metabolism, due to the high content in the fiber. Also in spinach is rich in iron, is useful for blood and calcium, which strengthens the skeletal system.


A couple of pieces a day and you will have on the body diuretic effect, and activate the metabolism.

Agree, all these products are quite delicious, so be sure to include them in your diet and lose weight for good!

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