How to get rid of fat in the abdominal area. Bodyflex - always works!

There are some exercises that are aimed at getting rid of the fat is in the abdomen, and they always work! No exceptions and severe torture! You can do these exercises right at home!

What is Bodyflex

Body flex - a set of simple exercises that are aimed at the body harmony and form a beautiful belly. Exercises have an effect on all muscles of the body, ranging from facial, ending the calf. The exercises take only 20 minutes time!

The main thing - it's breath

When you exercise you need to breathe properly. Performs the full range of exercises with the stomach sucked. On the third day of class, you will notice the first results: slightly tighten the tummy. A week later, the fat will slowly melt away. In one month, you can achieve a reduction in waist circumference of 10 cm!

breathing technique

Stand up and slightly bend your knees, resting in their hands. Make smooth and slowly exhale through your mouth. Exhaling all the air completely, make a sharp breath through his nose, took a deep lungs. Hold the air for a few seconds and exhale sharply through your mouth. Now much gather in the stomach and it is in this position, you will need to perform all the exercises.

The complex of exercises Bodyflex

a lion

Follow the breathing technique. Make your mouth and stick out your tongue ring, lift up your eyes. Make breath. Repeat, starting with breathing techniques. In this exercise, you will be involved all the muscles of the face and the press!

ugly grimace

Respiratory complex. Flip open your head back and gently pull the hands behind his back. Breath Hold for 8 seconds and inhale. Repeat again. Exercise strengthens the muscles of the neck and the press.

stretching side

Respiratory complex. Lunging leg to the side, it has to go all the weight. Hand, foot is the opposite of his head and pulled down. Hold for 8 seconds, breathe, repeat. Make the other side. Exercise helps to restore waistline.


Make respiratory complex in the supine position. Stomach in - lift your upper body off the floor, his head is not helping. Hold for 8 seconds, go back again. This exercise works out perfectly the front abdominal muscles.


Also lying on the floor, fold the legs straight, dilute, make respiratory complex. At the retracted stomach lift your legs and do the exercise with scissors, waving his hands as much as possible. Lower the leg, inhale, repeat. Excellent is working the abdominals.


Pose on all fours, do respiratory complex. Plunging the stomach, arch your back, pause for 8 seconds, relax, repeat. This exercise helps to stretch the muscles of the back and press.

Important first two days of training to perform complex breathing. During exercise drink 1.5 liters of water per day. The result to be as efficient as possible, give up the fried and baked!

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