How to deal with the vagaries of the child

Recently fashionable to speak on the whims of the kid - "the crisis of two years", "crisis of three years", "crisis of five years." But these concepts are new enough, and it is not clear, and how to cope with our whims and whining, our parents? It is unlikely that they threw off a child's behavior to some crises. Likely to change their attitude to education may have been used belt and other effects. What now? How to deal with constant whims, whining, tantrums, crying baby? And how to calm their child, before reaching the battering?

Not always the children ascertained these same crises. Sometimes a child just constantly whining, and then you get used to do it by taking the habit of manipulating parents. Ponyl - bought ponyl - gave candy, etc. Of course, this is wrong. What do psychologists advise?

To get started is to get a huge amount of patience, perhaps tired mums have to drink away the course sedatives. In addition, it will take time to get everything settled down.

Having received their whims attention of parents, the child understands that it is a great way to manipulation. No, of course, the child does not understand what is manipulated, but it just works plan. He needs the attention of parents, he arranges a tantrum, and mommy, of course, respond to it.

Just be calm. No need to shout to respond. In return for this, the kid will understand that the cry - too great impact on the environment, it is so all the attention is drawn to the screaming!

Forget black out phrases such as: "You're bad," "You're a disgrace to me!", "I will not love you!", "I'll go on you!", Etc. It is better to dwell on the phrase: "I do not like your behavior!".

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When you say formulaic phrases like "Boys Do not Cry," "Girls do not behave", then do not invest in the above emotions, and the child is very thin feels. Therefore, the efficiency of up to a couple of times!

Reassure the child. You can bring it up to the mirror, and to show how it looks when crying. You can offer to wash, drink water, and then, when it calmed down a bit to talk and discuss the problem.

Possible during a tantrum struggled to pretend that you do not hear the child. Permissible even leave the room, leaving the baby alone with himself.

If the child and in a more adult starts hysteria and whining, it is possible to agree with him that the conversation will take place only after he will talk calm tone.

Never compare your child to others, saying, for example, that "Peter boy, well behaved, and you're not." Do not discuss the child and do not complain about it in front of strangers and outsiders. Do not arrange scandals and tantrums with children! Do not do everything for the child, but also do not refuse to help him.

How can calm the child?

In 1,5-2 years. Once the child begins to act up, start talking incessantly, the baby will start to listen and stop crying.

At 2 and older. Ask your child to cry so loud, or go into another room to vent their emotions, and then return.

And you can also start whining, pretending that you are crying. In most cases, the child becomes wondering why my mother behaves, and it stops their whims.

Of course, you do not need to apply the old grandmother's methods, in the form of a belt or standing in the corner of the peas. These sadistic methods can break the psyche of the child. "Well, we're not broke mentality!" - some would argue. But this is another story, because in most cases, our fears and habits from childhood, deep climb into our subconscious and in adulthood give enough unpleasant surprises in the form of hysteria, neurosis and complexes!

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