How to lose 10 kg in 10 days. Fast weight loss without harmful consequences!

Soon will come the summer, the girls put on their light sarafan and will drive men crazy with their slender figures! This is not about you? Not happy with the summer, because it's not lost weight in the spring? What's stopping you to lose weight now?

In fact, plenty of time! You will need only 10 days to lose 10 kg! If you do not believe it, just try it! No sports, expensive drugs and other manipulations. Just follow this diet, and get what you want! The most important thing is that, despite the fairly dramatic weight loss, no adverse effects will be. Only slender figure for the summer season!

Start tomorrow!

drastic weight loss diet

1 day

You need to eat that day only 5 boiled eggs. Start with a 10 in the morning and continue to use this product every 2 hours. Last egg at 18:00.

day 2

You need to eat only boiled fish with no added salt. You can eat mackerel.

day 3

This day of boiled chicken breast. And, of course, no salt.

day 4

During the day you need to eat boiled potatoes 5, beginning at 10 am and ending 18:00.

day 5

A day to eat 0.5 kg of boiled beef or chicken ham.

day 6

Fruit Day. Eat any fruit except bananas.

day 7

Vegetable day. Eat raw vegetables.

day 8

A day to eat 0.5 kg of low-fat cottage cheese. Divide it into portions and eat, starting at 10am.

day 9

Kefir day. You can use this drink in unlimited quantities.

day 10

Probably the hardest day of all the previous ones, because you can only use a decoction of rose hips.

During the diet you can drink a decoction of rose hips, tea and water.

Lose weight is not that difficult, but then do not be afraid to start to gain the weight again. Carefully enter into your diet various dishes, trying not to eat a lot of fatty, fried and sweet!

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